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Comment Re:why should i care?` (Score 1) 553

I guess for the exact same reasons that the snowflakes that sued the university did just use it themselves. Like it isn't really ready yet, isn't very accurate (particularly when used on academic subjects) and just wouldn't work. Maybe the snowflakes can sue someone for not providing them the magic software, since, after all, they want it.

Comment Re:why should i care?` (Score 5, Insightful) 553

Hopefully you'll get handicapped some day ....

Your wishing such things on people reveals what a bitter hateful person you are. Actually, I do have a handicap, and in fact it is hearing loss, exactly the issue here. Mine is not complete, but severe enough that I watch TV and movies with closed captioning on. But I'm not damaged enough that I would say that if I can't hear something then no one else should be able to either.

Comment Re:why should i care?` (Score 5, Insightful) 553

Yes. How dare a University say "We have all of this valuable information recorded on video and we are going to give it away to anyone for free.". . It is really great that a couple of handicapped people were able to say "If we can enjoy it as much as you then no one should be able to see it". . This result will really empower people. I'm colorblind and I'm going to sue all of the movie studios and TV stations for presenting their product in color. If I can't see the shows in full color them they should all be forced to present the shows in only black and white so we can all be equal. Screw you, you non-colorblind elitists.

Comment Re:why should i care?` (Score 5, Insightful) 553

Two handicapped snowflakes sue the university because the videos didn't have closed captioning in them and therefore they discriminated against the handicapped. The university look at what it would cost to add captioning to what they were giving away for free and decided it wasn't worth it. So if the handicapped don't get it, you can't have it either. No surprise here, this was an anticipated resulted when the Americans With Disabilities act was passed. Makes about as much sense as forcing the government to built expensive wheelchair ramps on buildings in a national park that can only be reached by hiking trails.

Comment Re:A paltry $150 million? (Score 4, Informative) 58

Quoting from Wikipedia (which is well known for never being wrong): "Ultima Underworld has been cited as the first role-playing game to feature first-person action in a 3D environment, and it introduced technological innovations such as allowing the player to look up and down.". I remembering seeing it just before I saw Wolfenstein, and it was much richer. In addition to being able to look up and down, the playing surface wasn't all on the same level, you could step up or down (I don't think that paths could actually cross over each other, although I'm not certain of that), and walls were not always of straight unit lengths, there were curved walls and other refinements that made Wolfenstein look crude. Of course, it was a commercial game and Wolfenstein was shareware (for the first part) so Wolfenstein got lots more play and attention.

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