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Comment Re:Another breakthrough! News at 11! (Score 1) 217

My thoughts exactly (no mod points today or I would have modded you up as insightful). But you use the term "news" when I get all of my science fiction tech improvements from Slashdot. I've seen many battery and motor announcements that just never seem to make it to the real world. Anyone remember that small extremely efficient motor that was supposedly going to make it to hybrid cars and revolutionize things? What ever happened to that? I can't even find traces of it in the Slashdot archives!

Comment How dare you use facts? (Score 1) 489

less favorable lending rates

The people wanting to feel sorry for themselves here don't care about your damn facts. Just let them bitch about the supposed less favorable lending rates. I see there are already several who are trying to argue with you by claiming stupid things like "we made bad student loan choices". Maybe we can help get them jobs by having them help build the wall. I suggest that we put them on the south side construction crew and the problem will solve itself when the wall is finished.

Comment Re:Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 2) 626

That was my thought too, but I was thinking lock away the supposed scientist that just let some oaf bully him into giving up access to a JPL phone that might have had important security related information on it. The oaf will never learn and will continue to enjoy playing the bully, but people need to learn not to give in to them.

Comment dubious business pretices (Score 1) 27

The problem that I have with Namecheap is that I tried to get a domain from them. Here's what happened:

I thought of a domain that I would really like to have. I first tried to go to it in my browser and got a 404 error.

I immediately went to Namecheap and tried to get it. They "checked" to see if it was available. There was a long delay, at least two to three minutes. Then they told me that the name was not available and offered me other names, names with garbage extra numbers in them and undesirable TDLs.

I immediately went back to another browser window and tried to get to the domain again. This time I got a parking page offering to sell me the domain that I wanted for thousands of dollars.

I don't know if other registrars have any more integrity or how to find registrars who will not steal your domain name from you when you try to register it, but I'm not going to try to register anything with Namecheaop again.If I just want a name that I can use to reach my local network, I'll use a service like freedns.afraid.org. If I want a name that I actually own and that I'll give out to others, I will not trust Namecheap with knowing in advance what name I want.

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