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Comment You Trump supporters and your damn facts (Score 0) 400

So what if he is just a private citizen and doesn't even have access to (supposedly) secure government servers. It's a damn good sound byte to say that Trump is also using insecure servers, and when you're up against facts that's all this poor victimized woman has. How dare you try to take that away from you. You must be a Russian agent or a rapist and groper. You're on the enemies list now and one thing you don't want is to be on Hillery's enemies list.

Comment expected (Score 2) 120

When a Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in China, its owner started filming the damage. That's to be expected .

My thoughts too. If you really believe that your phone is safe and you are not planning for this, why and how do you have another video recording device handy? Of course, the could be a legitimate answer to this, but it also could be that this was a complete set-up and the second camera was so handy because the phone destruction was planned. Maybe the bribe just wasn't in the range that this film maker expected.

Comment Re:stupid questions for stupid customers (Score 1) 60

I really doubt if the majority of Uber drivers will be able to catch drives close to where they discharged their last passenger and will not go after another rush hour fare. But it really doesn't matter, the logic still holds. Even if they make short trips to pick up all of their fares, An Uber driver still represents more miles and time spent in traffic than the miles and time if their fares all drove themselves. So taking Uber increases traffic and traffic delays, it does not reduce them as Uber wants to claim.

Comment stupid questions for stupid customers (Score 3, Insightful) 60

If you drive to work and park your car there, then drive home that evening, your car only has to drive to and from work. If you call Uber for a pickup. someone (or something) drives a vehicle to you and then takes you to where you want to go. It then drives to the next pick-up, which during morning rush hour is more likely than not another commute from the suburbs into the city. At the end of the day the car with no paying customer makes another trip "home". Overall it isn't hard to see that the more Uber cars there are on the road replacing private cars, the more total miles will be driven and the worse traffic will be.

You might say to you could reduce the total miles driven with Uber if rides were shared, although that would add inconvenience and lengthen the trip for most people. But you can ride-pool already if you are so inclined, so there seems to be no good reason to use Uber if the goal is to reduce traffic and time wasted in traffic.

Comment Re:Drivers License? (Score 0, Troll) 454

Of course it isn't that simple. It has nothing to do with valid ID at all. It has to do with wanting to vote under many different names and getting all of the illegals to vote. That damn ID requirement makes that more difficult (but not much more). If IDs are so hard to get why the hell are not the Democrats defending the rights of the people and fighting against the requirement to show ID at airports too?

Remember all those illegals that had criminal records that were going to be deported but somehow they accidentally were made citizens recently? What might a reasonable person conclude about that?

Well, it's not like the Governor of Virginia recently restored voting rights to 10,000 convicted felons who are now expected to vote for Democrats. It is more like 13,000.

Comment Re:US Post Office always secure. (Score 1, Insightful) 454

That's a complete lie. While they do move driver's licenses offices (I spent an afternoon trying to track one down about 10 years ago when the one that I used to go to wasn't there any more), the number seems to be increasing and well distributed. And there are provisions to get a free ID if you don't drive (if you do drive then there is no reason that you can't get to a license office). They have actually made things easier, since you can renew a registration over the Internet now, which you couldn't do before. So there is clearly no intent to keep legitimate people from voting or getting an ID. Checking for ID seems a perfectly valid thing. If I have to show an ID to fly (as in freedom of travel) then I should certainly have to show one to vote. It is only Democrats that thrive on voter fraud (and we have plenty of it here) that opposed this.

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