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Comment Re:Goodbye, internet! (Score 1) 296

There may be some countries that have even more freedom of speech than the US, but the USA still produces more words. Therefore it does, mathematically, have more free speech than any other county on Earth. USA! USA! (c'mon everybody)

I'm not American but I didn't feel particularly oppressed by the country who invented the internet overseeing this function. But I would also be surprised if it turns out that Americans are the only decent, freedom loving people in the world.

Comment Re:giant boondoggle is giant boondoggle (Score 2) 175

Sure, we bullied 54 nations into signing defense pacts, and we bullied Europe into sticking us with a huge bill for NATO. We bullied every other Nato country except for Poland and Britain into not paying the 2% of their GDP on defense that the treaty requires, so we could sociopathically pay for the gaps in their budgets, in addition to providing such a huge military force, that Germany, for instance, only needs to have available one light brigade of combat troops for NATO operations...

As a non-American in an allied country I can attest that America more than just a bully. Sometimes a bully, yes, but often a great help and friend.

Comment Re:I'm a Loyalist (Score 5, Interesting) 144

Used to live in a backwoods Canadian coastal area. It wasn't unusual to head toward the marina to watch the 4th of July fireworks coming from the rich American yachts because they could afford to put on a better fireworks show than the local town did a few days earlier on Canada Day.

All things considered we have good neighbours. Elsewhere in the world, little nations that reside beside super powers are sleeping with one eye open. We're not worried about USA. If they want something from us they pull out a check book, not a cannon. It will be just another Saturday for us but hope you guys enjoy your Independence Day.

Not sure what this has to do with tech news. I guess gun powder was a significant invention. What better way to celebrate the greatness of America than with Chinese goods?

Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 88

Open source means the source code is available in full. Whether the creators/inner contributors run the project like the wild old days of Wikipedia or whether they are autocratic is up to them. e.g. I can't just tell Linus to put my code in the Linux kernel.

But if I have the motivation I can take the source and put in my changes myself. Perhaps it will gain traction, perhaps not. But I have the option.

Also, there is the little matter of transparency which only open source provides.

So in these ways Firefox is the only one of the aforementioned which is truly open, even though, as you say, they do not allow you any say in the development of their OS.

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