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Comment Inflammatory Headline (Score 1) 500

How can Microsoft claim that "Windows 7 doesn't meet the demands for modern Technology"? Technology hasn't changed enough since the release of Windows 7! We are still using computers that operate on transistor-based digital electronics. Public acceptance of Quantum computers is still at least a decade away.

Microsoft, I propose a new headline: "Windows 10 doesn't meet the demands for customer usability".

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 500

A customer of mine, whom I do PC support for, insists on using AOL Desktop for her web browser on Windows 10. The AOL Desktop just adds window dressing to IE, and uses IE for all page rendering. Not to mention that AOL Desktop has its own huge set of security flaws, makes Windows 10 with AOL the most insecure OS ever!

Comment Re:Unintentionally hilarious (Score 0) 173

Then what about robots depicted in video games or movies? Should they be "obviously" robots, or maybe have a big red label that says "This is a robot"?

There is a new video game called "Nier: Automata" where you control the actions of an android... But she looks like a teenage girl in a black dress. She uses a sword and projectiles to destroy other robots that look "obviously" like robots. She relates to other androids like a human would, as if they were human, and has emotional reactions like a human would. I'm not quite sure of the reason, but I think the game wouldn't have the same impact on the player if it were just Robotron.

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