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Comment Re:I cut off FB a month ago. It's been a good mont (Score 1) 144

I never really understood the allure of heroin. My friends kept urging me... "You gotta try it" they would say. I finally caved in and bought some, but I just couldn't commit to injecting. With no real reward for my effort, I just deemed that it was a huge waste of my time, and disposed of what I had. I have been free and clear of it since, and I couldn't feel better.

FACEBOOK. I meant Facebook, not heroin.

Comment Re:Interesting, but... (Score 1) 167

You're doing it wrong then.

Heinz could sell a quality empty bottle with the slippery surface, and then sell refills for it like they do for restaurants... A big plastic bag of Ketchup. They get to profit from the sales of the bottles, plus they save on the refillable packaging. The consumer thinks they are getting a good deal, but really, there might be some wasted food from the refill bag.

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