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Comment Re: H1b Is a marriage killer in its current form! (Score 1) 566

No it's not. Spouses in india marry a H1B visa holder primarily as a vehicle for her and her family to migrate to US. Once they find the US doesn't offer to allow them to work they get frustrated, and nag their husbands to get them H1B visas. That is why you see many Indian women refusing to marry those with L1 visas, which are basically transfers. When US has so many unemployed, why allow someone lose who stole your job to steal your spouse's job also?

Comment Re:Netware 3 (Score 2) 187

I doubt the drives were exactly 'up'. Spinning, yes.

I had a legacy Netware 3.11 server once upon a time... it was up for years and years, and by the time I got to the company it was like a legend. Eventually though there was a power outtage that outstripped the UPS system and required a re-start.

It wouldn't load. We sent the hard drives out to be recovered and they didn't actually exist anymore - the surface had been work away years before, and the server had been running purely in RAM.

Netware was awesome.

I concur. In 1995, my then employer had been running netware for quite few months on DX2 66Mhz for some time. It was running in 1999 when I left.

Comment Now, petitions will be eliminated (Score 1) 317

Earlier, petitions were set at 25,000 for the whitehouse to respond. It was raised to 100,000 since many people started petitions for useful things. Questions such as these, force the politicians to take a stand in serving the people or serving their corporate masters. So, next logical step would be to eliminate petitions altogether. Democracy thrives by one guy not knowing what the other thinks. That way, the govt has the full visibility to the citizens views, but citizens can't understand their neighbors views. Petitions like these force people to think about burning issues rather than thinking of Kim kardashian pregnancy. This is anathema to powers that be. Hence, eliminate petitions now!

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