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Submission + - Music Industry, Wake up for alternative licensing! (

freaker_TuC writes: "Who says music can't be free while creating value? Read here and think twice, because NiN's CC-Licensed album, Ghosts I-IV, has been one of the best selling albums of 2008! This while this album could be freely downloaded as Creative Commons release. This is clearly the evidence Creative Commons can cooperate perfectly together with other licensing; while NiN fans could have turned to any file sharing network to download the entire CC-BY-SA album legally.

Still, over the world, the collection agencies with as primary purpose to protect the common artist, demanding full exclusivity deals towards their members making evolution towards a new digital era impossible for many artists around the world without making harsh choices. Artists contribute towards the color of the world, why deny them the basic fact to protect their works for commercial purposes while taking own distribution in hands?

Exclusive contracts deny artists to freely promote their music, join other (promotion) agencies, create free music or make your own cd's and not being collected upon, create a lifework which you can distribute freely, create own gigs without being taxed and many more disabilities crippling the artist with a standard exclusive contract which is to take or to leave without leaving much room for the artist, investing in his/her works. The USA has already a system in place which allows non-exclusive contracts; allowing other licensing deals without being punished! It's 2009 and we artists want our rights back! This article is a follow-up of the article Sabam really for the common?, the Belgian author-collection agency shooting with silver...."

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