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Comment Re:Is this legal? (Score 2) 60

You answered your own question. You can get rid of the manual review. Plus, if you can just point a big-ass data stream at Watson and it can actually ferret out malfeasance, you can also get rid of the folks who program those "other forms of automation".

Instead, you'll be replacing them with a smaller number of people who can choose training sets and interpret Watson's output. You'll also see savings in your programming costs, as you've replaced several fraud detection systems with a single, unified system. So you get a smaller workforce.

You also get a more bifurcated workforce, with a small number of jobs being up-skilled (and more-highly paid), while a larger number of jobs are down-skilled or eliminated altogether. Whether this works when translated to a large portion of the white-collar, service-sector workforce as a whole is left as an exercise to the reader.

Comment Re:Private Offices (Score 3, Interesting) 360

The best teams I've been on worked pretty closely with each other, and often identified bad ideas before they got too far.

The best teams I worked on had people having enough private space and time to think about the ideas enough so they figured out why the ideas were bad themselves and didn't bother others with them unless they were good ideas.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 312

The problem with the serialized series is that many arcs simply do not contain enough plot to be sustained over 10-13 shows. Often by the end of the series, one is feeling that the ending is long overdue - and I've often stopped watching these series at show five or six simply because their plot pacing was so glacial.

If Netflix wants to really produce great programs, they also need to drop the standard 10 or 13 program package. Sometimes a story does take a long time to tell. Other times it's just filling out contractual obligations.

Comment First learn English... (Score 1) 188

Like the difference between "bear" and "bare". Or maybe how to not keep the smart quotes from Word in the article so it doesn't barf on the screen under /.'s retarded lack of unicode.

I don't see a lack of professionalism - just standard lack of experience and youthful hubris. And only more projects and time fix those.

Comment Re:How do you Store a 5gb MRI image (Score 5, Informative) 70

And what do you do when you need medical data expunged from the record? It's difficult enough as is today, but still doable in cases like wrong diagnoses or a doctor or nurse logging to the wrong journal. But you can't modify a signed chain without breaking it - that's the entire point.

Yes. It is the entire point. But you don't remove data from an EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Working with them on a daily basis, I can tell you the "removed" bits and "reason for removal" fields in their databases have a reason. You always add to the record, even if it is a removal. That is, you do if you and your customers value their legal skins.

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