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Submission + - Google to buy 6,000 Nortel patents fo 0.9B (

fractalspace writes: Nokia couldn't get them. Erricsson managed to buy the business units who created those patents, without the patents. RIM's co-ceo Jim Balsillie went public accusing Nortel of being unpatriotic when their offer was rejected.
These 6000 or so patents, related to Wireless CDMA and LTE technologies, were well preserved and hidden from the prying eyes for more than 2 years during the bankruptcy proceedings of Nortel. And now finally, out of nowhere, along comes Google! I hope they get it.

Submission + - Massive disclosure of docs stalls court proceeding

fractalspace writes: An ongoing criminal prosecution of former Nortel executives in a Toronto court were brought to a halt when Nortel 'disclosed' 23 million pages of documents to the court. Justice Cary Boswell called it "staggering" and "... had it been produced in paper form, it would reflect some eight-thousand to 10-thousand banker's boxes of material." he said.

The documents were stored in electronic form using some software produced for Nortel by 'Kroll Ontrack'. Apparently, Nortel did not pay the developer additional "tens of thousands of dollars" that were necessary to "improve the search aspects".

The defence argued that its fair trial rights were affected because there was no way to conduct effective database searches of the material. The judge sort of agrees, noting in his ruling that "Disclosure must be meaningful.", which, in electronic age means " ...must be accessible".

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