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Amazon's Cloud Is Full of Holes 66

itwbennett writes "Amazon's Web Services is so easy to use that customers create virtual machines without following Amazon's 'very detailed' security guidelines, says Thomas Schneider, a postdoctoral researcher in the System Security Lab of Technische Universität Darmstadt. Most notably, Schneider and his fellow researchers found that the private keys used to authenticate with services such as the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) or the Simple Storage Service (S3) were publicly published in Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), which are pre-configured operating systems and application software used to create virtual machines. '[Customers] just forgot to remove their API keys from machines before publishing,' Schneider said."

Unreleased iPhone 2.0 May Already Be Hacked 183

The as-yet unreleased second iteration of iPhone hardware may already be compromised, reports Engadget and Members of the 'iPhone Dev Team' have (supposedly) made use of the recently released SDK to gin up a Beta 2.0 software hack. "Unlike previous hacks, this one isn't specific to the latest firmware version, it exploits the way that Apple designed the iPhone's main bootloader. According to the iPhone Dev Team, the iPhone verifies whether or not firmware code has been signed with an RSA certificate before allowing it to be written to memory. The team has apparently figured out a way to disable that check and allow unsigned code to be written to memory."

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