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Submission + - The tunnel between CERN and Central Italy (google.com)

fph il quozientatore writes: The Italian ministry for university and research complimented the researchers for the recent (supposed) discovery of faster-than-light neutrinos. Her press release (Google machine translation) mentions that Italy funded the construction of a "tunnel between the CERN [in Geneva] and Gran Sasso [the labs in Central Italy]". Google maps reports the distance between the two labs as over 900km — but of course once the tunnel is open to traffic the trip will be much faster.

Submission + - State "certified e-mail" introduced in Italy

fph il quozientatore writes: Starting from today, the Italian government is offering a free 500MB certified e-mail box for every citizen. This e-mail — PEC is its Italian acronym — is based on its own new dedicated protocol (RFCs? Ha! Those are for kiddies) that should handle server-signed sender identification and return receipts. The whole system is meant to allow certified e-mail communication with the Italian public administration, though it is not clear how many offices are going to support it. Every citizen is entitled to a free state-provided mailbox, though there is a list of private providers offering "premium services" for a surcharge.
The whole system has already raised some eyebrows, and an open-source mail server supporting this protocol has already been developed. Only time will tell us if this is going to work. At the moment of writing, the official state "certified e-mail" server is refusing connections — and that's even before being slashdotted.

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