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Journal Journal: Mozilla is a text reader

SilverspurG I think the most useful feature that could be added to a web browser would be a little checkbox which reads "Disable pages opening new windows" and make it a default YES!
* Beaker likes opening new windows
SilverspurG If I want a new window I'll ask for it. I've had it with 98% of left clicks resulting in a new window.
Beaker I know links has an option to disable opening in new window
Joe a firefox hackin we go
* WW981 is now known as WW981|dead
SilverspurG I've figured out that if I put up some cardboard to block the light from the water dish then Wally loves hanging out in the water.
SilverspurG but if I leave the water dish open in the light then he hates it.
SilverspurG okay. let's see how long it takes the ijsgimpprint to render a single pdf page.
* SilverspurG notes the times as 21:36
SilverspurG my new stuffed Tux has been sitting on the printer with his back leaning against the paper tray for nearly a week now.
SilverspurG that wasn't so bad. only one minute later and the printer is coming to life.
SilverspurG this printer never goes through this much of an initialization sequence when I print from the laptop (XP).
SilverspurG and it spits it out faster. I don't think I have the quality turned up to a ridiculous level.
SilverspurG it's pausing quite often as it prints. :(
SilverspurG I love Linux but I really need to find a better way to talk to this printer.
SilverspurG I know. I'll bring my laptop home every night. If I need to print a file I'll share it on the samba network and print it from XP.
SilverspurG I'll be using Windows for its best suited function: a print preprocessor. :)
SilverspurG hm. 21:43 and it's only printed a quarter of the page.
SilverspurG this is pretty silly.
SilverspurG this has got to be an industry conspiracy. there's no reason it should take 8 minutes to print a quarter of a page.
SilverspurG this is like trollng.
Beaker "like"?
Beaker ;)
Joe i love watching SilverspurG talk to himself
SilverspurG I'm telling you. This is ridiculous. How is it that the translation language for some higher level postscript, or whatever the heck the difference is, is only available on Windows?
SilverspurG printer makers and the people who hold the intellectual property on printer control languages has got to be the biggest BUTTMUNCH in the whole world.
SilverspurG you've read Right to Read on GNU, haven't you? You've read the conspiracy theories about controlling information.
SilverspurG _this_ *pointing to the printer as it chugs out barely half a page by 21:46... ten minutes later* _this_ is what they're talking about.
SilverspurG if there should've been any government intervention in the computer industry at any time it should have been to break this monopoly a long time ago.
SilverspurG because these guys are eating us alive by holding onto whatever two-bit half-butt print language translation.
SilverspurG my old Canon BJC-4200 would've popped this page out in 2 minutes.
SilverspurG but you can't buy cartridges that have any ink, even fresh ones, anymore. They'll be happy to sell a cartridge to you. I bought four. They all printed maybe a page, maybe half a page, each before they died.
SilverspurG I bought them at three different stores.
SilverspurG It must be said again. WHoever is holding the print industry like this is a buttmunch.
* SilverspurG nibbles a Christmas cookie and sips egg nog while watching the page slowly crawl out of the printer.
SilverspurG I'll be in bed sleeping before this page prints, you know.
SilverspurG :ifhp=model=gs,gs_device=ijs,gs_options=-sIjsServer=/usr/bin/ijsgutenprint\ -sDeviceManufacturer=EPSON\ -sDeviceModel=escp2-c86\ -dIjsUseOutputFD\ -sIjsParams=Quality=360
SilverspurG look at that line. look at the very end of that printcap line. I'm using the Quality=360
SilverspurG it's not like I'm trying to print at 1440.
SilverspurG in all proper fairness the page does look very nice as it's coming out. The Canon couldn't have done this quality. The ink would've soaked the paper fiber and there would've been white lines in places.
SilverspurG but it's still not worth... 16 minutes now.
SilverspurG what if I were printing a term paper?
SilverspurG fscking 60-90 pages of this?
* tom ( has joined #lfs
SilverspurG 17 minutes and I've got nearly 1/2 the page.
SilverspurG I could've enlarged the article and read it on the screen by now. But I thought, I've got a printer... I'll just print it out and read it while I nibble this cookie and sip this egg nog.
SilverspurG so much for that idea.
* tom has quit (Client exited)
* jepeltw ( has left #lfs (Leaving)
SilverspurG Tux magazine seems pretty fun.
Joe jeez, i turn away for 5 minutes and you wrote a book
* SilverspurG offers egg nog and cookies to anyone.
SilverspurG that's over here.
Joe so
SilverspurG so I'm tired. I think I was supposed to go to bed about 2 hours ago.
Joe so, go!
SilverspurG yep
SilverspurG joe... how big is your scrollback buffer? you should put that printer rant in or something.
SilverspurG that's a pretty good rant, overall.
Joe i got the whole thing
SilverspurG and it's true.
Joe want me to pastebin it for you?
Beaker :)
SilverspurG I can't believe that it took me over 18 minutes to print a page.

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Journal Journal: Testing out of the rat race

Where do I go to test out of the rat race?

Being a corporate wage slave is a deteriorating algorithm at best. I'd like to advance. Does that actually happen in this world?

I'd say "kill yourself now" but I'm well aware that's not really possible. If you try to kill yourself you just come back at the exact same spot you were right before you died only you're in a reality where somehow you didn't die. Look at that kid who blew his face off with a shotgun. I bet he's wishing he hadn't done that.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Conscience

A coworker recently told me that studies by psychologists have suggested that men under the age of 25 do not have a well-developed sense of conscience. Growing up, I guess it never occurred to me that the people around me didn't have the same sense of right and wrong. It's enlightening and depressing at the same time.

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