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Comment Re:Plant? (Score 1) 382

Java is so dead...
Except every Cisco phone handset and most of their management software.
Fujitsu Server Management software
LSI RAID management.
Three different library catalogue systems.
Two enterprise print and copy management systems.
The West Australian Police Department's query auditing (for permissions and query logging)

And that's what I've dealt with this year...

It's cross platform, supports code-signing, and is immune to the usual cross-site scripting exploits.

Next time, please think before you write.

That said, I've seen a lot of projects move to Flash which I deem going backwards...

Comment Re:The plural of "anecdote" is not "data". (Score 1) 484

Google for "appletv streaming dropout"

As far as I understand it, the tablet/phone uses wireless for data, and the other wireless band + bluetooth for AirPlay.

With a household of various iPads & iPhones it's pot luck which device will stream a whole episode.

Started with iOS 7, when iOS updates became more about the look than features...

Comment Re:Top #1 Indicator That Correlates To Drive Failu (Score 1) 142

As MSP, false-positives are not always a negative. There, I said it... and most MSPs will agree begrudgingly when off the record.

That said, our support prices alter when the device is no longer under warranty, so the device usually gets moved to a location covered under a different support structure like only 8x5 or have a longer response time to compensate.

Comment Re:Top #1 Indicator That Correlates To Drive Failu (Score 1) 142

I'd disagree. As an MSP we see occasional SMART errors and they're logged and tickets created.
So far we've cloned / backed up / moved everything of note off all 27 of them, but the three we left in and just spinning have all died within a month or so.

Sure, it's not scientifically representative, but I'll not take that chance with clients data...

Comment Re:Perspective from the other side - Liars & F (Score 1) 574

Previous company's "low bar" used to be "When would you turn on circular logging and why?"

Three-quarters of the answers were complete failures by L3 system engineer interviewees.
A further 15% kind of knew...
Depressingly, a good two-thirds were in a similar L3 position at the time.

We didn't even require graduates, since we'd found it suited those who used braindumps and it wasn't a guarantee of intelligence.
What we found was good all-round L3's were some other companies backbone or their understudy, would self-teach to fill in knowledge gaps, and/or had a home lab.
Unfortunately, management never responded to prospective employees in time and successive suitable applicants were snapped up by other companies - rightly so.
The process opened my eyes to what I was worth, and I didn't find my replacement before it was time to move on...

Comment Re:End the Accounting tricks (Score 1) 342

"I can see doing trades in baskets of orders entered in say 60 second intervals and processed in random order inside the interval. That prevents a class system where guys with access to HFT have a shot at the getting in or out first all the time and moves it to where anyone with an Internet connection, a E-trade account, and a willingness to sit with three or four of the major news networks on a few tvs has a fair chance of transacting on whatever securities they are playing as quickly as anyone else. That seems okay."

Except anyone (human) won't submit 1000's of small trades to even the odds. You put a trade for 100 shares in as well as 99 other people buying ~100 - it's fair. My (previously used for HFT) computer submits 1000 lots of 25. Suddenly I might not get the full 100, I need to start cancelling when I get my quota, but I'm more likely to get my 100. If the computer plays it right, it could adjust the purchase quantity against projected movements. Add 1000 previously employed HF traders doing the same. Humans have a nigh-on impossible chance of getting a single trade, infact we'll end up in the same situation we're in now, where a large chunk of small trades are machines competing against machines.

Personally, I'm all for a 60sec hold before being able to sell. Give people a chance.

Comment Re:As an ex-School It Admin... (Score 2) 417

No. We logged for investigation later.

We are talking about being able to either prove the student wasn't at that site, or provide evidence the site was visited for the school pastoral care staff to follow up.
Without monitoring, going back and determining a case one way or another is nigh on impossible.

Lastly, these are minors. There are government obligations to report illegal activities in school. Like proving a teacher was browsing porn on the school network.
"Think of the children" has a lot of traction with governments...

Comment As an ex-School It Admin... (Score 5, Interesting) 417

a) "we have not signed anything which would excuse it" - you can't. You're not able to sign enforceable legal documents.

b) "there was a root CA from the school" - it happens due to
        1) WPA-Enterprise and/or NAC relies on keys. Do you use your school credentials for wireless? If so, you require key exchange for it to verify each party.
        2) SSL monitoring systems rely on MITM to read the HOST headers. We couldn't give a rat's arse your bragging about banging Sally, however we do mind that it was to a website called HTTPS://www.breakuprevenge.com and both Sally and yourself are under legal age, it may have included a phone camera image, and it was all posted via the School Internet. Federal, State, and School pastoral care policy issues trump most whiny students objections.

c) It happens when at the start of the year. I would have twenty staff ask for different packages to be deployed in the first week of school, and your BYOD package may just happened to end up with a testing cert. Once had an antivirus package that hid all toolbars in Word and Excel - that ex-employee never applied a GPO at domain-level again.

All I'm saying is most school IT departments are asked to perform miracles of pastoral care because parents don't care and Teachers are busy trying to teach. We bare the brunt of school administration trying to enforce pastoral care not just for you, but all those in the school body
I'm sure if you had brought it to most IT departments attention in a courteous way, you might have been treated better.
Most schools have a tech-savvy student who is treated like an offsider, as well as one who has joined the Dark Side and ends up on the Watchlist. (yes, I've had "meetings" with Federal Police over a student's actions). Which one will you be?

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