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Journal Journal: meaningless meaningless under the sun

Abstract kthx bi: the pragmatics of youth-driven computer mediated communication Like the technological advances of the invention of writing and subsequent developments (printing press, typewriter, word processor, e-mail, etc.) instant messaging and other synchronous or nearly-synchronous forms of electronic communication via text have changed the way information (social, intellectual, etc.) is created, processed, transmitted, and understood. Emoticons, slang, abbreviations, font and window styles, personal icons, page links, and other types of computer mediated forms of communicative conveyance will be discussed. The fact that certain forms of interactive internet communication involve not simply words but also the graphically transmitted conversational cues of body language, intonation, and other pragmatic information will be demonstrated. I will discuss how a particular youth group has exuberantly embraced, created, and intensified ambiguity and fluidity of identity beginning with computer mediated communication and extending into "real life" and the larger community.

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