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Comment Re: It's not just money (Score 1) 195

Actually, Congress sets the bounds for what the FCC can fuck with. The Communications Act of 1934 set up the FCC. Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 is the basis for Net Neutrality.

So the bunch of blowhards on Capitol Hill is ultimately to blame for this shit, just as it is to blame for all the other shit perpetrated by the Fderal Government. That is where the goddam buck stops. Not the President's desk, and CERTAINLY not with a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats.

Comment Re:What are the benefits over electric? (Score 1) 163

80% capacity is considered end of life, by the way, but in practical terms you could re use that battery in another vehicle or as a UPS for many more years.

Re-use? Why? Just continue using it normally. 80% capacity isn't EOL in the original application. Not even close. So your car takes 5 seconds instead of 4 to reach 100 km/h. So it only travels 240 km instead of 300 km. So what. That isn't anywhere near useless.

Comment Listen up, kids (Score 1) 857

An Altair 8800 kit with 256 bytes of static RAM which I mail ordered from Southwest Technical Products very soon after the January 1975 issue of Popular Electronics. I soldered every component of every PC board, plus all the 100 pin sockets on the backplane the multiple 100 wire connections between the backplane sections. I replaced almost every IC socket with Augat gold-plated machined-contact teflon-based sockets for reliability.

It had a 2 MHz 8080 CPU.

To boot it, every time after turning it on, you had to manually toggle in several dozen bytes of machine code by flipping 16 front panel toggle switches repeatedly to enter the binary codes. Then you cued up cassette BASIC and at the right moment started the cassette recorder.

I gradually added pieces over the next several years, including a couple of colossal 4K dynamic RAM boards, picked up a Model 15 5-level baudot coded newsroom teletype from Atlantic Surplus Sales in Brooklyn, and home-brewed a 60 mA current loop interface. I eventually wrangled a 300 cps optical paper tape reader through a consulting contract in return for developing a driver for it.

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