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Comment Re:What does the community make of this? (Score 1) 640

in my country the legal limit is 0.5, and I personally don't feel anything at or around that value

Permit me to doubt that highly. What is your country? Are you sure the limit is not 0.05%? That little dot is called a DECIMAL POINT, and it MATTERS where it is in the train of digits. At 0.05%, one feels euphoria and has impaired concentration. At 0.5%, there is a high risk of poisoning and death.

Comment Re:0.21 what? (Score 2) 640

You're making it needlessly complicated. It IS unitless because it is a ratio. Blood alcohol content means exactly what it says: the mass concentration of alcohol in your blood. If it is 0.21%, it means 0.21% of the mass of your blood is alcohol. For example, an average human has right around 5 liters of blood in his body, which is about 5 kg of blood. If his BAC is 0.21%, his blood contains 5 * 0.21 / 100 = 0.0105 kg, or 10.5 grams, of alcohol.

Comment Re:0.21 what? (Score 1) 640

Some googling show me that the legal limit in Indiana is 0.8 percent,

Get your eyes or your brain examined. The legal limit in Indiana (and in most places) is 0.08%, not 0.8%. At 0.8% most people would be unable to sit upright with their eyes open, let alone safely operate a motor vehicle.

Even 0.04% results in impairment, by the way.

Comment Re:Trump doesn't run borders (Score -1, Troll) 626

The president can not make a ban based on religion

The President can make a determination on who gets to immigrate based on ANY CRITERIA WHATEVER. He doesn't HAVE to let ANYONE immigrate. That's a legal fact. Sorry to intrude reality on your sorry delusion.

The Ninth Circus arrogated a power they do not have. Proper response by the President would have been to call them out on it, defy their bullshit ruling, and prepare to take action against them for violating their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. The executive branch controls enforcement. Not the judicial.

Comment Re:Here's my uname -a (Score 1) 101

Linux #1 SMP Wed Nov 23 13:07:52 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux I'm operating at the bottom of the ocean and everything still works. :-)

Whoopdedoo. Linux 2.2 still works fine AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN. Not much of an attack surface exposure down there. There are plenty of Windows XP boxes in labs, with well-controlled access and no exposure to the internet, doing in-house work, un-patched for many years and without any anti-virus, that are still perfectly reliable.

Comment Re:"Hot spare" is a give away (Score 2) 78

It is extremely unlikely, that a second disk will randomly die on you during those few hours it will take you to replace the first one with your cold spare and for the array to rebuild.

Utter bullshit. The second drive will not fail "randomly", but through the torture of the rebuild process. Single-drive redundancy like RAID5 is just a good way to lose 100% of your data instead of some of it (individual separate drives). It is BARELY better than non-redundant RAID1 spanning. I don't trust it at all for anything that matters. I don't even think double redundancy (RAID-Z2) is due care for data. I accept nothing less than triple redundancy (RAID-Z3).

Comment A memorable period in which to have lived (Score 2) 87

I remember it well. I was 18, an EE freshman at Northeastern at the time. I also remember Shepard's Freedom 7, the first suborbital manned rocket flight in 1961, I was in junior high school. And I remember seeing reports on the Korean war in the newspapers (I remember lots of things from kindergarten and first grade). And I vividly remember at age 10 breaking my piggy bank and having my dad take me to Radio Shack on Commonwealth Avenue so I could buy a CK-722 germanium transistor and some other components at the will-call counter. It was a pretty big (by later standards) silver-colored prismatically-shaped plastic package. I made a single-transistor radio from it using a schematic from Popular Electronics. I twisted the wires together because I didn't have a soldering iron.

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