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Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 269

the planet has existed for millions of years

Er, the planet has existed for 4.5 BILLION years. There have been at least 5 major ice ages in geological history. The last one was from 110,000 to 12,000 years ago. We are currently in the early stages of an inter-glaciation period.

The period of contemporary scientific research and record-keeping, as correctly pointed out, at about 150 years, represents about the last 0.000003% of planetary existence. If the existence of the earth were represented by the 1281 pages of the bible, the period of contemporary scientific research and record-keeping would be represented by less than the single last letter of the last word on the last page of the bible.

Comment Re:Pleasant surprise (Score 1) 269

And if someone gets a little too frisky with China, and pulls some really dumb move, China owns something like a third of the total foreign held US debt.

And what the fuck are you afraid they are going to do? Threaten not to collect their repayment? Stamp their feet? Think, man. Debt is furnishing cash money in exchange for a paper promise. We've ALREADY been paid; they are left hoping we don't go tits up and they lose all their investment.

Now, if you wanted to observe that we have also sold off all our real estate and corporations to them, at least that would be a valid concern.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 538

Evolve. The word is evolve, not evolution. And neither capitalism nor communism is what corruption comes from. Corruption comes from human nature, and the only way to combat it is by some incorruptible authority guarding against it with an eagle eye, and taking relentless vengeance against it when it does occur.

Comment Re:A few misconceptions there. MORE elastic (Score 1) 148

it's not particularly brittle

Spectacularly wrong. Carbon fiber is about as brittle as china. It has very little toughness. The plastic elongation is next to zero. The ability of steel, aluminum, titanium, etc to plastically deform when overstressed, absorbing enormous energy before rupturing, is what makes them so structurally useful. Carbon fiber acts just fine until it ruptures explosively when overstressed. When a tiny crack develops locally in metal, stress gets redistributed around it. You find that crack during regular inspection and take measures to repair it. In carbon fiber there is no such warning whatsoever.

Comment Re:Personal Favors (Score 1) 218

Let's face it. It wasn't an actor, it was an actress. Old guys get acting jobs, and good ones. There are lots of 70+ year old actors, and a fair number of 90+. But there aren't many women much over 50 with acting jobs, and even over 30-40 they get relegated to side characters.

Comment Re:Totalitarian progressivism (Score 1) 218

Just HOW does this law violate the US constitution? This may be news to you, but the first amendment says (on this topic) only "CONGRESS shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press". It doesn't say ANYTHING about what law state legislatures can make. I'm very pro-liberty, but in this case ... sorry to disillusion you.

You want a better guarantee on this subject, get the US constitution amended. Good luck with that.

Comment Re:Just another f***ing kludge to get around (Score 4, Informative) 129

I think a lot of python users are not even aware of this. It's not a secret, and it's not just for lambdas. Semicolon is a perfectly legal statement separator in python. It's just that newline is ALSO a statement separator.

if x < 1: print(x); print(y); print(z)

is the same as

if x < 1:

Comment Re:I'm sure there's a reason... (Score 1) 192

Human visual perception is limited to about 4000 pixels

Arguably correct.

and 256 different levels of color.

Ludicrously wrong. Even 256 greyscale gives a painfully obvious stepping effect in a gradient. Even 16 million colors (256 R, 256 G, 256 B), while quite acceptable for most purposes, is readily detectable as deficient compared to 1 billion (1024 R, 1024 G, 1024 B).

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