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Comment Re:I doubt this is correct (Score 1) 276

the battery design was too aggressive for current technology

Battery "design"? The phone company doesn't "design" the battery. They just call up the Ching Chong Very Fine Battery Company and say "we want 10 million LiPoly state of the art batteries x by y by z mm". All the manufacturers call up the same battery company. There's nothing "special" about the batteries any of them use.

That said, you may be right that these batteries are all ticking time bombs. We know that all models of all brands of cell phones (and vapes, and "hover" boards, and ...) have had instances of fire. But it does seem that the Note 7 stood out with a statistically much higher than average incidence. Pretty sure the researchers are on to something with their packed-too-tight theory. But it's not the whole answer. As long as you put bombs inside of every cellphone, some of them are ALWAYS going to find a way to blow up.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 240

You cannot haul loads of people or freight on batteries

Logic and reality means nothing to these officious, ignorant twits. They just pass laws requiring vehicles to get a billion mpg and one part per trillion trillion trillion of "pollution". We'll see what happens when everybody in these hovels starts to die because their food can't even begin to be delivered.

Those who built the industrial revolution would toss their cookies to see their offspring committing mass suicide by throttling themselves to death as their standard of living plummets.

Comment Re:I peruse iffy websites all the time (Score 2) 412

The law specifically requires "habitual" viewing

So do you think that if I spend time learning about Nazism, or Communism, or jihadism, or ... christianity perhaps ... including getting input from their proponents and practitioners, that should make me a criminal? I hereby issue a "fuck you" to those trying to make it so.

Comment Re:Stupid move (Score 1) 412

"The wallpaper on his computer is an ISIS flag. The password is 'November 13 LOL'. (...) His family said he becomes very irritated when talking about religion. He grew a beard and wears sarouel pants."

None of those things cause harm to anyone, and you have adduced no evidence that he advocates or assists the carrying out of harm.

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