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Comment Re:Reality (Score 1) 123

'meeting a drone' would have constituted extra-judicial killing. It's appalling that people here seem to condone that.

Cut the shit, clown. If you engage in warfare against the people of my country, you're can be god damned sure my country is going to engage you in return. Hopefully with 1000 times the force.

Comment Re:Even bad its good (Score 1) 86

Most people listening to a TV through the TV's speakers use less than one watt average. Only the pricks hooked up with high power 5.1 amps who are rattling every goddam window in the fucking neighborhood watching Mr. Robot are using very much audio power, and even those are probably averaging only a handful of watts most of the time.

Comment Re:North Caroliners (Score 2) 220

You can IMAGINE whatever you want. As to voting out their legislators, consider that this is one single issue, and not one that is very prominent on the radar of most of the state's voters. As far as I can see, it only affects a very small number of citizens in one single town.

It's the same principle as the US Congress. Anyone with two brain cells to connect together knows that on the whole they are a bunch of rat bastards, but hardly anyone has a problem with HIS OWN PARTICULAR representative.

Comment Re:Race implications (Score 1) 399

What the rich want, on a fundamental level, is to have more than most everybody else.

No. Those who crave power and those who want THINGS are fundamentally different classes. The latter couldn't care less what everybody else has. They just want for themselves, and not to be bothered with irrelevant trivialities like what their fellow man has and how he is doing.

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