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Comment Re:Weight of lighter than air vehicles (Score 1) 170

Both rigid and nonrigid airships in operation are so close to infinite structural rigidity (no significant deformation under operating loads; not infinite strength) that there is no difference in reaction to gusts. As to the difference in cross section, what is the point specifically?

I think there is more similarity to smashing the Staten Island ferry into the dock - something that has been done more than once. They are both crashes. Nothing whatever to do with sinking. On 6 May 1956, the battleship USS Wisconsin collided with the destroyer escort USS Eaton. That was a crash. Neither vessel sank. On 1 February 1944, the battleships USS Washington and USS Indiana collided. That was a crash. Neither vessel sank. A car can't quite stop in time and rear-ends another car. There may be only minor bumper damage to each, and certainly neither one sinks, but you better believe it is a crash.

Comment Re:As did all the others. (Score 1) 170

A design like Airlander 10 is fundamentally a lot more resistant to the common problems that plague blimps during landing, such as susceptability to winds

Highly debatable, and never proved.

It has less inherent lift

Not significantly. At most it has 1.7 times the mass of an equal volume of air. A blimp has close to 1.0 times. An airplane such as the 747 has over 200 times. The Airlander's susceptibility to wind influence during landing is very, very nearly the same as a blimp, and nothing whatever like an airplane. And its flattened shape has the added excitement possibility of dangerous rolling, which is completely absent in a blimp.

a smaller cross section

Wrong. For a given enclosed volume, the blimp shape has a smaller head-on cross section, smaller vertical cross section, and only slightly higher wideways cross section. Even if you reduce the enclosed volume by the ratio of 1.7, the difference made would be very slight.

and more ability to anchor itself down with its fans.

Wrong. The Airlander 10 has nothing more than pneumatic skids for landing gear. The Airlander 50 is supposed to get a full air cushion with the added cpability of suction, but that idea has never been tested under realistic conditions. Gust forces on an airship held stationary on the ground are enormous. Suction pads with enough strength to overcome them could easily induce the hull fabric to tear wide open.

Comment Re:How do you ban someone from passing on this cos (Score 2, Insightful) 445

It's bullshit. Of course they can't prevent it. They can prohibit passing on the tax as an enumerated line item, and maybe make that stick,but there's no way in hell they can stop uber from just raising its rates by ... gee ... just HAPPENS to be the same amount as the tax.

They do this with gas stations. Gas stations are prohibited from enumerating on their signage the taxes which the corrupt statist pigs are saddling you with.

Comment Re:Anonymous readers are as bad as ACs (Score 1) 151

You need to go get some "petrol", visit the "chemist", check under the "bonnet", and make sure the spare tire under the "boot" has air. I'll be getting some gas, going to the drugstore, checking under the hood, and making sure there is air in the spare tire under the trunk, like any normal guy. And remember, there is no "a" in "clerk". Any other grotesque expressions and pronunciations I should know?

Comment Re:It's just so sluggish now (Score 1) 512

Not at all. No offense taken or intended. It is Yakuake that offends me, but like you say, no harm in catering to different tastes. I don't happen to like apps that blatantly break with standard practice. As for "showing up and going away at a keypress", EVERY app does that by merely clicking its button in the task bar.

Yes, I got the (non discoverable) right-click context menu in Yakuake, but where is the normal menu that belongs under the title bar with File, Edit, View, Bookmarks, Settings, and Help? Where are the Maximize, Minimize, and Restore buttons? How do you resize the thing or move it on the desktop? Oh yeah, I just noticed the crappy chrome style triple-bar menu icon in the LOWER RIGHT(!) of the frame. It shouldn't mystify anyone when apps that completely disregard standards, to absolutely no purpose, are not well-received.

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