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Comment Re:Least stable (Score 1) 333

It's a government as soon as the organization asserts control over others.

No, it's not if the organization has no means of enforcement (i.e. police).

Obvioulsly this depends a lot on what interpretation of the word "government" one chooses. For the sake of this discussion I would say that if the organization has no means of enforcement and no way to coaction, it could not be a government. Then people abid voluntarily to the "rules". This is basically a no-goverment form of society, because no one, including the organization itself, has any degree of power over any individual.

Of course, if you choose another definition for "government" then YMMV.

Comment Re:Least stable (Score 1) 333

Anarchy is the least stable form of government. As soon as one person says "Hey, let's...(x,y.z)" and some others say "OK", it's broken; there is now a leader and followers.

Anarchy by definition is NOT a form of government. Or, if you prefer, is the self government of each individual over himself.
Paraphrasing J. L. Borges, "perhaps one day we deserve no government". That's anarchy.
And mind you, not any form of organization is a government one.

Comment Re:One of those little skills (Score 1) 321

What you really need is a good set of soldering irons to cover the range of works you need to do.

A good set would be a 25-35 watt pencil type with two or three points (fine and normal, plus flat), optionally with a high temperature button (i.e. 20 watt normal, 200 watt hi-temp).
Then a 40-60 watt iron with normal and flat points, for somewhat bigger stuff like soldering connectors to coax, tube-era components and tube sockets, transformers, power sockets. This iron need to be *massive* compared to the first one, you need something that will not cool down whenever you touch something with some surface.
Then the day will come when you need a big iron, something really massive in the 200 watt range, with a big point.

Beyond that, a couple of timers/pwm controls for temperature and security, i.e. auto-off timer.

Comment Security devices in the car not so good (Score 1) 272

I wish my latests cars were not so security thigh, most notably not codded and/or RFID key.

Security devices only levels up the barrier for the lifters to get a car, forcing them to take cars when the driver is in the vehicle.
In the good old days they could lift a car with a jumper cable to the ignition coil and get away in two minutes, now they need to take it from you at gun point, between two or more thefts and most of the time getting away with you in the car for a couple of miles or even take the opportunity for an ATM raid.

I much prefer the old way, really.

Comment Re:People think google are different. (Score 1) 408

But the reason that Google doesn't sell your info to advertising companies, because it is an advertizing company. Doing so would just be feeding their competition. If Facebook had purchased DoubleClick or some other large advertiser, they would be doing the same.

I think a significant portion of google users are somewhat aware of the security concerns that using this kind of services imposes. fb userbase looks like it does not really cares, so fb can appear before it's users as it does, but google has to be more cautious on pushing ethical boundaries out.

Comment Re:Argentina's participation (Score 1) 64

Jaja, muy bueno. Son como el perro del hortelano, no cojen ni dejan cojer. Imaginate lo que va a ser si el satélite llega a fallar, van a brindar con champagne como la vez pasada... Bueno, otro palito en el orto de la derecha cipaya. Saludos y agradecimiento a los científicos argentinos por el logro. *Algunos* compatriotas estamos orgullosos de ustedes.

Comment Re:You must test the obvious (Score 1) 299

Common sense varies, because is mostly derived from experience than science. For example, in 1490 common sense indicated that the circumnavigation from Europe to Asia could not be done. Common sense in the 1940's indicates that smoking was a good habit. Common sense also varies with culture: between the Inuits it's a the most courteous action to offer your own woman to your guest, where around here common sense more often recommends killing your guest if he touch her. So, yes, common sense could be very wrong and it's not rigorous at all. And it's very dangerous too, because promotes extrapolation, which as my common sense has grasped, is almost always wrong :)

Comment People rights has been abussed (Score 1) 1020

for much less of what Assange did.

In Guantanamo and other illegal detention centers around the world, without trial and elementary human rights guarantee, persons abducted by the US and other countries governments are incarcerated for much less that this journalist is doing.

The most foolish thing he could ever do is to go to the authorities of any country; if he do so, he will be in jail for a long time.

Comment Re:It's not easy (Score 1) 442

>> XFCE also is an X environment (guess why it starts with "X"). Basically, today there's no graphical environment for Linux which isn't based on X.

I was making a point about the bloated contraptions that KDE and Gnome are, also implying that it seems to be an effort to reproduce some "features" from windows or mac that I'm skeptic about...

Nowhere I said that XFCE is not X. I said "be careful choosing an X environment" because since the grown popularity of ubuntu there is less and less visibility of other desktop environments that depart more or less from the typical windows or mac imitators.

Bear in mind that since I was claiming some experience in migrating small to medium companies from proprietary systems to FOSS based ones, I _must_ know how a X desktop systems works ;)

And I'm a fluxbox user myself (after Enlightenment, fwm, WindowMaker, blackbox, and several others that where fugacious in my boxes).


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