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Submission + - TV-sized probe to strike Moon's surface

Vincenzo Romano writes: "New Scientist has an interesting article about the Indian TV-sized probe to strike Moon's surface.
The article also shows some nice videos as well, but none about the hit on the moon, though!
From the article:

India's Chandrayaan spacecraft is set to eject a television-sized probe that will crash onto the lunar surface on Friday. The probe will make observations as it descends, testing systems needed to land future robotic spacecraft on the Moon.
"It is a sort of mini-satellite, equipped with its own instruments, batteries, and telemetry," that will strike the surface near the lunar south pole, a region that shows hints of water ice in the soil.

The vector is the Chandrayaan 1 and has carried the Moon Impact Probe (aka MIP) to its final destination.
Next time maybe China will launch a toaster sized probe on Venus to revamp the Space race"

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