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Submission + - PostCrossing - the past revisited (

flok writes: "In the past if you wanted to tell someone something, you would take a piece of paper (or card) and give that to a company which would then take care of delivering it to the recipient. This costed a few bucks and took at least a day. Now that we have e-mail and twitter nobody ever does this anymore. But still, don't you ever miss the joy of finding such a card on your doorstep? Some of them had pictures on them related to the text on the card, others had drawings, etc. etc. A while ago some people decided that they would like again to receive those cards. Feel the joy again and such. let's you relive this: you can pick at random someone to send a card to and submit your address to receive a card yourself as well. And the best: it is free! Well, apart from buying the card and postal costs."

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