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Submission + - a cluster (small beowulf) of arduinos! (

flok writes: We all love the arduino with its 2KB of RAM and not much more than 16MHz of speed. Normally we use only one in a project but a thought came to me: what if I take a couple of them and put those in a cluster? I started soldering and the result is 4 Arduinos connected to each other via an I2C bus and all directed by a Raspberry Pi. Together these 4 Arduinos calculate the Mandelbrot fractal, directed by the Raspberry Pi (it divides/schedules the work between the Arduinos). On my website you'll find a demonstration, schematics and all source code. In theory a cluster of at least 120 Arduinos could be setup. Electrical power is the limit!

Submission + - BitMessage: all the good things of bitcoin applied to e-mail (

flok writes: BitMessage allows you to send e-mails truly anonymous. It also hides from where you're sending, to what location you send your message to and the contents of the e-mail. It is like using PGP/GPG but without the hassle of distributing keys. The way it does all of this (technically) is copied from bitcoin. Remembering a BitMessage address might be a bit of a challenge though (e.g. BM-Gu86guT7aSL68SuMd7Uhkq9tYcAc7Hti).

Submission + - pinging a webserver like a pro (

flok writes: Pinging a webserver used to be boring. An endless of stream of black on white text with uninteresting numbers that no-one comprehends.
An end has come to this depressing situation with HTTPing v2.3.1!
This program which not only measures the network-latency but also the responsiveness of the webserver itself, introduces fancy graphics with lots of colors compatible with every terminal capable of displaying ncurses output!
Check out the youtube video to see what this is all about.

Submission + - Rise of the Bitcoin (

An anonymous reader writes: IEEE Spectrum has an article on the new custom built ASIC Bitcoin mining machines. Featured in the article is 66 billion hashes/second rig, and that is twice the speed of the best FPGA rig on the market. The whole thing is feeling more like custom car racing everyday.

Submission + - Tylenol may ease pain of existential distress, social rejection

Guppy writes: Does Tylenol reduce existential distress? Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) has been used to relieve mild-to-moderate physical pain for over a century, yet its actual mechanism of action continues to be debated; modern research has demonstrated an intriguing connection with the body's endocannabinoid system, raising the question of whether it may also have subtle psychological effects as well. A recent paper claims Acetaminophen can alter our response to existential challenge; previous findings have suggested that it may blunt the pain of social rejection as well.

Submission + - Get paid for your open source software enhancements/bugfixes ( 1

flok writes: It is nice when your open source pet project is populair but sometimes the constant stream of feature requests can be intimidating. The CatInCan website can help you with prioritizing your efforts while making some money on the side. See it as a Kickstarter-variant where people can raise funds to get functionality in software realised or maybe to get that long ignored bug fixed. It works a most people like a financial incentive!

Submission + - Internet Status

ZeroFactiX writes: So here's my question for everyone. I'm looking for the best site for monitoring the Internet backbone/ Core Routers. I've seen a few sites out there but nothing that has really impressed me. What I would like to see is just the status of the core routers/Hubs perferably with RSS/Twitter feed. I know each provider usually has a little status page, but they are hard to find and it is not worth looking up every site to look for an issue. Reason being is that lastnight there was an outage with Level3 which didn't last long but was a pain to verify.

So who's got a good tool?

Submission + - World's Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Under Major DDoS Attack

twoheadedboy writes: As the value of Bitcoins hit new highs this week of $142 per coin, the biggest exchange claimed to have been on the wrong end of a "major DDoS attack". Japan-based Mt.Gox said it appeared there were two motivations behind the attacks. First, to destabilise Bitcoin and, second, to abuse the system for profit. "“Attackers wait until the price of Bitcoins reaches a certain value, sell, destabilize the exchange, wait for everybody to panic-sell their Bitcoins, wait for the price to drop to a certain amount, then stop the attack and start buying as much as they can," the company said. Meanwhile, Bitcoin wallet site Instawallet has shut down, with security problems to blame. The company was hit by a breach earlier this week.

Submission + - DigiBarn: How Apple Booted Up - Apple II DOS rare 1970s documents revealed (

An anonymous reader writes: A CNET story about arguably the most important technical documents in Apple's early history: the source code, contract letters, schematics and notes for the creation of the Apple II Disk Operating System (DOS). From 1977 and 1978 these documents chronicle Apple's first OS and what made the Apple II into a serious computer for the masses, able to support killer apps like Visicalc and build the PC industry.

Submission + - Automatic images debluring like Adobe Deblur demo (

Vladimir Yuzhikov writes: Do you remember Adobe MAX 2011 Sneak Peek conference where automatic Image Deblurring technology was demonstrated — ?
You can play with this technology via SmartDeblur which produce the same results (that algorithms called Blind Deconvolution)
Restoring example:

Submission + - Bitcoin: The Future of Global Currency? (

An anonymous reader writes: As hard currencies the world over rise and fall with abandon reckless as the governments that print them and the banks that tender them, people are turning in ever larger numbers to decentralized electronic currency like bitcoin. "So is bitcoin going to save the global economy, or is it today’s answer to seventeenth-century tulip mania?" The New Yorker weighs in ...

Submission + - Your system administrators room like in the movies (

flok writes: "We all know the fancy computer screens in movies and tv series. All kinds of non-comprehensible information scrolls by, merely looking fancy. An often heard complaint is that when managers/sales persons walk into the system administrators room, they see a lot of screens they don't understand and which look boring. This made me think: why not implement something that involves a lot of animations, fancy scrolltexts, colors, etc while still giving usefull information? So I started to work on SysopView. It has moving windows, scrolltexts, can show live webcam streams, nagios status, mrtg graphs and lots more. I would like this to be a community project. There must be a lot of ideas out there how to improve it and — maybe some can even write code! Please check It is still in its infant state. And yes, that's me in the video :-)"

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