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Submission + - SPAM: Bringing Brainfuck to the enterprise

flok writes: People have long waited for the Brainfuck language (an esoteric but turing complete language) to be available on the mainframe environment. This has finally been accomplished in the form of a Brainfuck interpreter written in COBOL and a Brainfuck-to-COBOL translator/compiler for maximum efficiency. The translator/compiler reaches optimal performance by optimizing the code during conversion.
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Submission + - 49th computer chess tournament (

flok writes: The 17 and 18th of October, the 49th computer chess tournament by the Dutch computer chess association will be held in Leiden, the Netherlands. Since Kasparov lost a couple of matches in the previous century, the development of chess programs did not stop. In fact Deep Blue will be dwarfed by the current chess programs. Also a surprising number of people are creating new chess programs. New techniques for parallelizing tree-searches, tricks for cutting branches of the search-tree, different evaluations. Everybody is welcomed to pay a visit and if you like you can participate with your own chess engine as well!

Submission + - converting barbie into an animatronic (

flok writes: Barbie has always been something from the old age. Mostly static, no interaction, no blinken lights; just dead plastic. I pulled her into the 21th century and made an animatronic from her. To make the update not to invasive I used the smallest Arduino available. To improve the exhibition I added some emulated candles in the groundplate. In the link you'll find photo's of all steps together with a video from the result.

Submission + - a cluster (small beowulf) of arduinos! (

flok writes: We all love the arduino with its 2KB of RAM and not much more than 16MHz of speed. Normally we use only one in a project but a thought came to me: what if I take a couple of them and put those in a cluster? I started soldering and the result is 4 Arduinos connected to each other via an I2C bus and all directed by a Raspberry Pi. Together these 4 Arduinos calculate the Mandelbrot fractal, directed by the Raspberry Pi (it divides/schedules the work between the Arduinos). On my website you'll find a demonstration, schematics and all source code. In theory a cluster of at least 120 Arduinos could be setup. Electrical power is the limit!

Submission + - Ad Exchange-Publisher leaks cookies, evades blocking. ( 1

fierman writes: Ad Exchange-Publisher creative settings results in 3rd-party cookie blocking evasion and leaks.

The OpenX Ad Exchange which provides Real-Time Bidding services is cooperating closely with its publishers, as a recent observation shows. The way the domain name system is being used, browser blocking of 3rd-party cookies seems to be bypassed as a side effect. Unrelated cookies such as Google Analytics, are being sent to 3rd-party sites, like OpenX, due to broad cookie scoping and the setting of DNS aliasing, as the full report states.

Submission + - Study showing PirateBay Blockade has no effect published

Neelix21 writes: Last week a Dutch court decided that the blockade of the PirateBay website was ineffective and disproportionate. The academic study that measured this effect has now been published:

This paper studies the effectiveness of this approach towards online copyright enforcement, using both a consumer survey and a newly developed non-infringing technology for BitTorrent monitoring. While a small group of respondents download less from illegal sources or claim to have stopped doing so, no impact is found on the percentage of the Dutch population downloading from illegal sources.

The torrent monitoring technique also shows that if you are downloading a public torrent, anyone can find out.

Comment invaluable (Score 1) 118 uses it to display maps of wifi-war-drived-data when you submit any. I scanned wifi-access points while driving to France for a holiday; amazing how many access points you detect even in the middle of nowhere!

Also my toy-project O2OO uses its api (very simple to implement!) to draw car-sensor data of a trip you made on a map. Nice to see how e.g. the load of the engine changes when taking a corner or driving uphill ("duh" I hear you say, but it is nice to see how much it changes).

Submission + - IRC redone ( 1

flok writes: IRC is old. IRC is of the dark ages of the internet. One would think that everything has been implemented and invented in the client software of it. Well, no. f-irc, a relatively unknown IRC client with a "different" user interface introduces a new concept: the marker line. No more "now where did I leave off when I changed channel", the markerline will tell you where you were! Rumor has it the idea was stolen from multitail.

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