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Submission + - SPAM: Putty is serving malware 5

flerchin writes: Downloading the windows installer from the putty download page results in Windows Defender quarantining the file saying it's an instance of the "Win32/Varpes.J!plock" trojan. I just wanted to play SSH Tron. I've emailed the project, but I really wish there was an Internet Police to call.

Comment Caffeine can be a problem. (Score 1) 352

Last November at the end of a 2nd 300 hour month, I came down with the flu with still a month to go to make our deadline (ie, deathmarch). I was drinking so much coffee that I couldn't get enough sleep because I'd be tossing and turning all night stewing about work. The damned flu was giving me a raging headache anyway, so I just quit caffeine cold turkey. I only worked 60 hours that week, and the flu and withdrawal symptoms cleared up by the end of the week. I slept like a baby and finished the deathmarch. My bank account thanks that billable hours contracting gig, my sanity values my new position with work/life balance, and I don't miss the coffee.

Comment Maybe it's the filesystem? (Score 1) 472

My absolutely puny hardware (all 5+ years old, or netbooks) does not experience this problem at all running different releases of Ubuntu. I did notice that Transmission sometimes chewed up too much processor when I had 10+ torrents going, but my bulk drive was NTFS. After I formatted it to ext4, even that went away. I routinely copy multiple GB files intra-drive, inter-drive, and intranetwork while browsing, youtubing, etc.

Maybe you're using an NTFS filesystem that isn't as efficient?

Again, my hardware is majorly obsolete. My only "multicore" setup is on a hyperthreading Atom.

Comment It promotes linux (Score 1) 551

Honestly, this is why I first installed Ubuntu on my old IBM laptop. As the windows installs went down, the linux installs went up. Linux spread through my whole family this way; First me and my wife, then my brothers, then my mother-in-law.

Comment Re:Closed captions for internet streaming video. (Score 1) 296

Why should NBC strip the captioning data that is already encoded in their OTA broadcasts when streaming it over the internet?

If the data is already available, they should be required to display it. IMO, NBC's refusal to display this data, when they already have exhibited the capability to do so, seems to be a deliberate middle finger to the hard of hearing.

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