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Submission + - Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as VP Runningmate

fl!ptop writes: At 7:04 this morning, the GOP candidate's campaign tweeted: "Mitt's choice for VP is Paul Ryan". The official announcement is scheduled for 9:05 am in Virginia at the USS Wisconsin which is, maybe not ironically, the state that Ryan represents in Congress. Does the choice of a very fiscally conservative running mate signal that Mitt is committed to fixing the U.S. economy, or is Ryan a bad choice because he seems to
have more brains than political sense?

Submission + - U.S. Senator Robert Byrd dies at age 92

fl!ptop writes: West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd died early Monday morning after being hospitalized last week with what was thought to be heat exhaustion. Byrd was the longest serving senator in U.S. history, having been first elected to office in 1958 and serving continuously since then. Byrd's life and political career weren't without controversy; he was a member of the KKK in his 20's, and was labeled "The Prince of Pork" by taxpayer groups, a label he wore as a badge of honor. Early speculation is that WV Governor Joe Manchin will appoint a "placeholder" to the seat, effectively keeping it warm until he can run for it himself in November. WV law prohibits the governor from appointing himself to the seat, but there is nothing stopping Manchin from resigning and having Lt. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin appoint him.

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