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Submission + - It's official. Police DO need a warrant to instal (

fishthegeek writes: "In a rare move of legal brilliance, SCOTUS has brought sanity to the use of GPS systems by law enforcement. The decision was unanimous, and likely will frustrate current investigations. Justice Alito wrote "The use of longer term GPS monitoring in investigations of most offenses impinges on expectations of privacy,""

Submission + - 1 down 9 to go. Jury invalidates bogus patent. (

fishthegeek writes: On August 23rd a jury invalidated a patent widely thought to be less than valid. The patent in question was formerly known as the Firepond/Polaris patent (U.S. Patent No. 6,411,947). This patent was on the use of natural language processing when responding to email and was broad enough that Bright Response LLC felt justified in suing Google, Yahoo and others.. The Electronic Frontiers Foundation publishes a list of 10 Most Wanted patents that need to be busted.

Submission + - GPL wins in court. (

fishthegeek writes: The Software Freedom Conservancy has received a judgement against Westinghouse Digital Electronics for $90,000 in damages, $50,000 in costs plus a donation of all of the offending HDTV's that were using BusyBox in violation of the GPL. Given that WDE is nearly bankrupt it's likely that most if not all of the cash will disappear in a legal "poof", but it is a victory regardless.

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