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Comment Re:New X230tablet owner reporting (Score 1) 271

I don't have the tablet I do have a new x230.

The good:

  • 2 mass storage devices WHOO! (mSATA and 2.5" sata) DM-Cache here I come (once I can buy BIG spinning rust 2.5" 7mm drives)
  • it's light and portable and this means it actually comes with me now.
  • adding bluetooth was straighforward (AWESOME manuals online)

That said:

  • The touchpad is complete writeoff.
  • Ubuntu boots and runs fine in UEFI mode. sadly debian still doesn't but it works in legacy bios mode.

Comment Re:backing (Score 1) 444

Gold is just a metal. It has no real intrinsic value. You can't eat it, live under it, and cloth in it. Everything else is just a means of common agreement that allows us to easily acquire the thing we need... and want.

Gold has an ammount of intrisic value it's got some very nice electrical and mechanical properties, additionally people have clothed themselves in gold throughout history ref:

Comment Sane home Insane work. (Score 1) 722

Home uses a naming standard based on animal families,

So I have:

  1. cetacea (my laptop)
  2. bovine
  3. serpentine
  4. dromedary
  5. etc

Work has decreed that systems are named with a letter and 5 numbers. this is nuts. Whats' more the difference between production Dr, and Dev instances of a system can be just the letter.

By the way cannonical names should never ever contain data. it's stupid. functional aliases/cnames for sure. but never every system hostnames encoding the location, function, operationgsystem etc into a canonical hostname is just wrong.

but hey "ours is not to reason why"

Comment Re:Solution: Use a proper protocol (aka ISO) (Score 3, Funny) 121

The difference is that you can write an smtp server by reading in strings line by line and treating them as commands, then watch the logs and kludge it until it seems to interoperate well enough. With the OSI way of doing things you have to wear a blue tie for a start then you have to print out all the interface definition documents and spread them out on your desk and write the software to the interface.

man.. I want your desk if you can spread out all the iso interface definition documents on it and be able to read them

Comment I enjoyed it but. (Score 1) 429

So I enjoyed Tron legacy but... there were a couple of problems in my opinion.

It suffered for better technology rather than using the technology to tell a story they got sucked into we can so we should. in particular the whole cityscape inside the computer with neon was a tad cyber punk rather than being a otherworldly reflection of inside the system as the original tron was.

Also the whole thing with the one remaining ISO was very Weird Science ie Inside the computer is a super hot smart chick if you could just get off your ass to go rescue her.

Also When they break out of the grid there's this wasteland with no energy no light nada in the original tron regardless of where they go there's energy around.

The house was also a big problem the idea that Flynn just gives up and goes all zen master is totally whack imho.

Comment Re:Whats the point of ultra low bitrate codecs? (Score 1) 179

Assuming just for a second that this isn't a horrible troll...

Low bitrate have many useful applications. ethernet style bandwidth isn't availible everywhere and where it is availible low bitrate codecs allow you to have more conversations in the same connection

so for example community telco you could use the wifi links to trunk 100's of calls instead of a couple of dozen. more efficient use of bandwidth for meaningful communications is a worthy goal.

Comment Serindipidy. (Score 3, Interesting) 179

As a newly licenced ham in a area where Dstar repeaters are everywhere (VK) and free software advocate I have recently become aware of the issues with Dstar and have been reading about this work so it's quite surreal to have it pop up on /. in the week where I get my licence. I havn't had a chance to read the Dstar specifications but am wondering if the voice codec is flagged in the dstar digital stream. and if it would be possible to create translating repeaters so dual output repeaters with differently coded data streams it'd take more spectrum but would also allow for a migration path (at least for repeater users?)

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