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Submission + - ReactOS reaches Kickstarter (

jeditobe writes: Right before Christmas, Aleksey Bragin and Steven Edwards launched the Thorium Core Kickstarter appeal. At its most basic level, the goal is to advance ReactOS development by creating a commercial project using it. The proposed product, as it were, is a remotely accessible desktop environment, basically a computer in the cloud. No longer does one need to shuffle around USB sticks or reinstall applications from computer to computer, simply connect to Thorium and you'll be back to your familiar setup.

The question for this community is of course what does Thorium mean for ReactOS? Well, for one a successful Kickstarter would provide a significant infusion of funds that can be used to develop ReactOS. For another, a successful launch of Thorium would provide an ongoing revenue stream to continue funding development. Another key point is everything that goes into Thorium will get fed back into ReactOS, helping make the operating system better, more compatible, and more stable. There has always been talk about how ReactOS could be applied commercially by other companies. Perhaps it's time to lead the way by showing it can be done via Thorium.

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Submission + - ReactOS - The Desktop Operating System Revolution ( 1

frik85 writes: "With yesterdays release, ReactOS got nearly 100% binary and API compatible with Win2003 (NT 5.2). And they are aiming for full Vista (NT 6) compatibility.
The ReactOS Win32 subsystem is in the beginning of a total overhaul to make it completely compatible with NT5 and it has had a positive impact on stability and compatibility with Win32 applications. As a generic result of these internal changes, the system feels a lot more stable in comparison to previous releases. ReactOS ships with a bunch of open source default drivers for various hardware devices and of course support for third party NT 5 drivers.
A download utility (unofficially called "ReactOS Package Manager") now contains a set of applications (opensource and shareware apps) which you can install right away in ReactOS with one click of a mouse. And those apps will actually work!
Fresh ReactOS screenshots say more than written words!"

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