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Comment Re:Are you for real? You're not joking, are you? (Score 1) 194

This is 100% bullshit and you (should) know it. You tout yourself as some sort of RDBMS person, but you come across as knowing absolutely nothing.

At the end of the day, Firebird, Postgres and Mysql all really only support one index type (or variant): b-tree. No matter where your data is presently (index or ram), you will ALWAYS pay a price for insert, and ALWAYS pay a price for select. Now, the number of i/os required for a btree seek is a very attractive equation for anything under the 10s or even hundreds of millions mark. If you're using a quote "standard server", it's exceeding that, or having to write where things _really_ start to suffer. Couple that with that foreign keys, which usually have a btree as well, and all your combinatorial indexes, and you're fucked with any reasonable large data set. There is no disagreement here, unless you suggest that btrees are infintely fast, or that postgres does indeed have a better index (It does have hash, but it's a piece of shit).

If you want to know more, I suggest you investigate the CAP theorem and apply some critical thinking skills to the age old question - given these tradeoffs and relationships and my tolerance to any given one, what is the best tool for the job?


Submission + - Netflix Available for Android ( 1

supersloshy writes: Netflix has just announced the release of a Netflix Android application for streaming movies to your Android-powered mobile device. As streaming movies requires certain features and specifications, only a select number of devices are supported as of now. They are working on approving as many devices as possible in the near future for the benefit of users. To see if your device is compatible, Netflix provides a list of currently approved devices.

Submission + - MasterCard transactions to be mined for CO2 data (

seamus1abshere writes: "In the latest twist from Big Data, MasterCard and Brighter Planet today announced that cardholder transaction data will be mined for clues about CO2 emissions. Initial coverage will be of flights, car rentals, hotels and other purchases for which the credit card company stores extra metadata. Interestingly, the science behind the offering is all open source."

Submission + - Developers feel the pinch of the 'Apple Tax' (

Julie188 writes: "The June 30 deadline is approaching for Apple developers to implement in-app purchases. Despite being wildly unpopular, Apple is sticking to its guns requiring developers to allow purchases via their applications. And it is taking a 30% cut of all in-app sales, even for situations like e-books, in which it also forced profit margins to be less than 30%. In other words, Apple is requiring developers like BeamItDown Software to take a loss on the products that it sells, while paying Apple a cut from the top."

Comment Re:FIFY (Score 1) 183

Agreed. I think code is _much_ easier to read, understand and work with if it's always the exact same syntax, tabbing/spacing/commas, etc(I suppose the fact that almost every software project has style guidelines lends credence to this). For this sort of stuff, especially harder (ORM generated or handwritten) queries, I use a very niche program named sqlinform that does an amazing job at putting queries into "your" style. When I do cleanups, the queries usually go from indecipherable to easily understandable. It by default uc'd the keywords, which I never did before but now I find it quite a bit easier to work with.

I'm not affiliated with the software/author, but I'm continually impressed how just how bizarre this software's functions are, yet how useful it is.

Comment Re:Choose: Referential Integrity or Partitioning (Score 1) 95

They're also still missing 99% of the subquery optimizations they had in the 6.0 Alpha codebase and 99% of the other improvements. When they went sun they started worrying too much about BC and improvements slowed down substantially. In my opinion, if you want less buggy software on a faster release model, you need to not give priority to BC. But then you lose the support contracts, which is all sun cares about.

Comment Re:Performance boost? (Score 1) 405

Unless it's some extreme niche where the shaved cycles really pay off over some time, it seems like a gigantic waste of time for 5%-15% here and there. When you use precompiled, you're already looking at diminishing returns WRT compiling performance, but when you're spending your time compiling everything for that extra 3%, it seems pretty ridiculous. A fraction of that time could be spent flipping burgers to get enough dough to secure yourself a nice SSD which would make totally irrelevant any 1%-5% boosts. In fact, you might even get to finish up on the computer earlier, and go have some beers with your newfound supply of money and time.

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