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Comment Re:Marie Antoinette (Score 1) 722

How is this insightful? Mr AC hasn't provided any evidence to demonstrate who this quote should be attributed to and under what context it was originally said. My understanding was that there is a lot of debate surrounding these issues, but that's not mentioned, either.

I guess if you want to appear intellectual and "better than everyone else" here on /., you've done a great job.

Submission + - Planet Hunting Through Crowdsourcing (

festers writes: While the "wisdom of the crowd" can sometimes be a dubious claim, it seems that scientists are putting it to good use when it comes to finding new planets. This article explains the effort that astronomers are taking to sort through the massive amount of data that the Kepler satellite is producing. While the scientific software is very good at finding possible planets, it turns out that a more old-fashioned approach can be even more helpful. Thousands of volunteers look for tell-tale patterns and have helped discover 50 potential planets through the website. The amount of required training is minimal and the payoff is potentially huge.

Perhaps there are other "needle in a haystack" type problems that could be solved in a similar way?

Comment comments (Score 1) 218

Pretty much all video game websites are filled with these kind of kids/idiots. I was reading the Joystiq response to it yesterday and it was equally depressing. They've been brainwashed into believing that they no longer own the things they buy. The "Intellectual Property" and DRM propaganda has apparently worked on an entire generation, so much so that they are willing to run to the defense of a giant corporation in order to ensure their precious online Trophy awards don't get screwed up. Fucking pathetic.

Comment Re:Square pieces are the best way to share! (Score 1) 282

And it's one of the contributing factors that makes Chicago thin crust pizza so horrible. I've been stuck here for over 15 years and I'd kill for one decent, east-coast style pizza place. Chicago deep-dish is good, but only in small quantities. Their thin crust, however, it an abomination. I want even sized pizza slices, each with their own piece of crust NOT square "party-cut" sweet sauce-on-cardboard shit.

Comment Re:Politics (Score 1) 874

This comment reveals a very popular ignorance. You can't publish "raw data" that you don't own. Many times the climate data comes from National Meteorological Services that require an NDA to be signed. Organizations like CRU cannot give away that data, but of course, you're if you want to pay/sign an NDA you're welcome to do that.

But there is data that is freely available, like here:

So really, your comment, and the 1000s of others like it all over the web, are without merit.


Comment Re:Details on benefits (Score 1) 569

Yes, by all means ask the questions to get those details...AFTER you get an offer from the company. The principle is simple: until you've got something (an offer), you've got nothing. Asking about salary, benefits, hours, etc. before you have an offer only hurts your chances of getting a job. Why should you care about those things when you have no reason to believe you will work for that company? Those details are meaningless until you are hired. Once the offer is on the table, however, the balance of power shifts and you can ask those types of questions without hesitation.

Comment Cultural differences (Score 1) 172

I love seeing people getting worked up over stuff like this. Comments about totalitarian governments and censorship get tossed around and righteous anger runs hot. Well, someone please explain to me how this is any different from the shitstorm in the US over Janet Jackson's tit being shown at the Superbowl. In both cases we the government stepping in and doing something to "protect the children." The FCC came down hard and renewed their fight against "indecency." So while the banning of ganster games seems crazy to people outside of China, there are many people in other countries who think that banning female breasts is just as absurd.

Please note, I'm not saying I agree with the actions of these governments, I'm just pointing out that every group of people seems to have their cultural taboos.

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