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Comment Re:Actually anti-spam/botnet? (Score 1) 180

Depends what they mean I suppose. If it shows up as blind "P2P programs", people like Blizzard will be affected as the World of Warcraft updater is peer-to-peer. They'd have to make sure that users knew that, and that it'd only upload official patches, and give users an opt-out.

I've encountered a few other programs that have started using bittorrent style updaters, so really this just breaks legit users while probably not actually having an effect on what the law is actually aiming at, since every torrent app (or edonkey or anything) I've ever actually installed is pretty clear on the whole "Files in X directory will be shared" thing.

Comment Re:Yeah, but how's the DRM? (Score 1) 542

On top of the DRM, does it have a download limit like the Kindle? You can be cut off from your books on the kindle if you re-download them too many times (even to the same device). The publishers forced Amazon to include a download counter so you could be forced to rebuy the book after a while.

Comment Re:Really seems to be working! (Score 1) 594

My parents went out and traded in a van for something better due to CARS. The dealership said they hadn't gotten money for anything yet, and they stopped allowing vehicles off the lot. So while my parents have the new car locked up, they don't get to take anything home until the government catches up on paperwork and pays out the cash.

From what they were told, a grand total of one dealership in the area has actually received any money thus far.

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