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Submission + - Open Patent Licences, are there any?

felipe13 writes: "We are working on a new piece of code that will be protected under a GPL license, this is fine for the code it self, but what about our 'innovations'?

Are there any 'Open Patent License' models similar to the GPL or Creative Commons?

We have google patenting the highlight of search occurrences, fb protecting the word 'Book' and apple registering body movements. This is becoming ridiculous to a point. Now the patent trolls are making a killing as well.

Does the open source community has a good way to protect its innovations and inventions?

There are some initiatives to buy patents and release them to the public or at least place them is a protected area, but where would my very small company register a new way to include titles in a private message? Where could Drupal patent the use of 'hooks' to let developers interact with the core of the application? (if they invented this, I am not really sure)
You get the idea of what I am trying to say.

I don't want to wake up in 10 years and discover that X huge company patented my innovation and that now I actually have to pay them for it.

Similar cases are arising with trademarks (see

Is it time to start a new initiative?"

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