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Submission + - Android at risk from 88 High-Critical Flaws (esecurityplanet.com)

darthcamaro writes: HTC's Droid Incredible has an incredible amount of software flaws, according to static code analysis vendor Coverity. They ran Android 2.2 as used on the Droid Incredible through the same static analysis engine used for hundreds of open source projects including Linux and found a pile of code flaw. Surprisingly, it is Android's use of Linux as a base that keeps the defect density down a bit, the non-Linux bits of Android are buggier than the LInux-bits. And no it's just about about wakelocks either

The defect density findings however change when Android's Linux heritage is taken out of the equation. Chou noted that the Android kernel is derived from the Linux kernel and when the parts that are Android-kernel-specific are taken out, the defect density goes up. According to Chou the defect density of Android specific kernel code was 0.7. "Android-specific code in the kernel tended to be buggier," Chou said.

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