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Comment Casio PRX-7000T (Score 1) 466

The Casio ProTrek PRX-7000T is a good candidate, it's solar, sets itself from an atomic clock signal automatically and has altimeter/barometer, compass and thermometer. It's also their first all-analog version. It's a bit expensive at $1500 but it should come down a bit if it gets release outside of Japan.

Alternately you could get one with a slide rule like a Citizen Skyhawk A-T which could be had for under $500. It's atomic solar as well and has a bunch of other features.

Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 173

Norman is great for theory but if you actually need to, like, build real software there's a lot of stuff that's more practical. I like Krug's Don't Make Me Think, 37Signals' Defensive Design for the Web, LukeW's form design book and the Oreilly Designing Interfaces book. Make sure to read Apple's UI guidelines for MacOS and iOS even if you're not developing for those platforms. They're free and have a good intro-level explanation of a lot of basic software usability concepts.

Norman, Nielsen and Cooper are fun reads but offer little in the way of actual solutions (because those books mostly exist to promote their consultancies).

IAAUID (I am a UI Designer)

Comment Back in the real world... (Score 1) 511

Read this:
and then have a good laugh about this whole line of thought. Canonical is an effort to make a more usable default Linux desktop but they have one major problem (and many minor ones): Mark Shuttleworth is a terrible UI designer and either all the designers he employs are terrible as well, nobody at canonical is willing to stand up to him or he's not willing to take feedback from the designers he employs. Making a cargo cult hybrid of OS X and Windows 7 isn't going to do anyone any good.

Even the article doesn't get it, it assumes that Apple is successful because they "dumbed down UNIX".


Lack of Manpower May Kill VLC For Mac 398

plasmacutter writes "The Video Lan dev team has recently come forward with a notice that the number of active developers for the project's MacOS X releases has dropped to zero, prompting a halt in the release schedule. There is now a disturbing possibility that support for Mac will be dropped as of 1.1.0. As the most versatile and user-friendly solution for bridging the video compatibility gap between OS X and windows, this will be a terrible loss for the Mac community. There is still hope, however, if the right volunteers come forward."

Comment If we ignore him will he go away? (Score 5, Insightful) 91

Wasn't the entire point of the CrunchPad to show how Michael Arrington was smarter than the entire consumer electronics industry and to highlight how he's a brilliant, super connected Silicon Valley darling? The FusionGarage guys seem to have a pretty good point in that Arringon apparently never delivered on his promised to hook them up with VC and supplier contacts.

Techcrunch is the Drudge Report of tech blogs and Arrington is a douche who seems to piss off every person he encounters.

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