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Resident Evil 4 Waggles To the Wii 112

AbsoluteXyro writes "IGN reports that the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 was confirmed earlier today, as Famitsu spilled the beans on the title in its latest issue. The new version boasts point-and-shoot gameplay, along with a bevy of motion controlled actions that Capcom hopes will put you in the game. Better yet, the game features the visuals of the Gamecube version and all the bonus content of the PS2 version. Famitsu also delivers some info that IGN apparently missed in their translation, including new enemies and bosses, as well as a retail price point of about $30 USD. The game reportedly hits shelves (overseas anyhow) on May 31st."

Christian Group Prepares To Mark Wii as 'Porn Portal' 565

Citing the Wii's ability to browse the internet via the Opera browser, a Christian group based out of California is planning on targeting the console with a smear campaign, Kotaku reports. The site has gotten ahold of a leaked press release from the upcoming 'Porn Talk' media event. From the release: "Like many new gaming technologies, the Wii's wireless internet capabilities make it a portal to porno. 'Parents think the computer is the only way for their kids to get porn on the internet. Unfortunately, they are dead wrong,' says Mike Foster, founder of 'Gaming devices like the Wii and the PSP aren't just for fun games anymore. You're able to surf the net, chat with friends, email, and view porn because of its internet access. Kids know this but parents don't!'"

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