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Submission + - Another nail in the coffin of Net Neutrality

another similar writes: In the latest round of content vs. pipe, Comcast has levied a fee [] on Level3- who partners with Netflix to deliver an ever-increasing volume of streaming video to their ever-increasing customer base. While Level3 has agreed "under protest" to pay the fee to avoid a service interruption, it appears the FCC has taken note of this and announced that they would delay a hearing [] originally scheduled for later this week until 21 December.

The blogosphere and tweetosphere have come alive with requests to sign a petition [] asking the FCC to prevent this and enforce net neutrality once and for all — this less than two months after Rep. Waxman's effort to legislate net neutrality faded [] into oblivion.

We'll have to see whether the FCC will man-up and deliver Comcast the Christmas present most folks feel they rightly deserve.

Submission + - What Happened To The Bay Bridge? (

farnsworth writes: Tony Alfrey has put together a fascinating page with some history, analysis, and possible explanations for what ultimately went wrong with the recent emergency repair of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The bridge has been closed for days and is not scheduled to open for days to come, hugely inconveniencing more than 250,000 people a day. His analysis touches in possibly poor welding, possibly a fatally flawed kludge, and a the absence of a long-term fix or adequate follow-up by Caltrans, who are responsible for the bridge. This is a great engineering community, what other info do you have?

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