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Comment Re:Fake movie (Score 1) 478

That doesn't make them Christian. When they win an election it does not mean the country has become more Christian.

He (Erdoan) quotes Islamic values and acts on them in the name of Islam. And yes, if the population of a country elects a religious leader that runs on religious values, it DOES mean the country has become more religious.

Are you saying that Islam is defined by the outcome of Turkish elections?

Islam, as all religions, is defined by the values of the people that make up the faith and the leaders they elect / appoint to project those values. This, as opposed to how some random guy on the internet defines it.

How do Muslim's vote in the U.S.? If they vote Democrat does it mean Islam supports trans-gender bathrooms? If they vote Republican does it mean the Islam fears and hates it's followers?

I personally vote with the issues not based on the D/R in front of the candidates' names. To be honest though not even sure what you are getting at.

Comment Re:Fake movie (Score 1) 478

You are making the mistake of confusing his tactics with some coincidental attribute that he used to bind his followers to him.

His party has (had?) Islam in the name. He runs on Islamic values. He quotes Islam in his rulings. He was elected by a nation of Islam followers.

Regardless, the point is rather moot. A religion is as it's followers do. If 98% of condemn homosexuality, does it matter that several critics claim that homosexuality does not go against 's teachings?

Comment Re:Fake movie (Score 1) 478

Are you literate, able to read at all?

Did I say anything about the Armenian genocide? What I implied was that Erdoan colors himself with Islam, his party runs on Islamic values, and he is elected by Islamic people. I think you should ask him if his values have "nothing to do" with Islam. I suspect the answer would be yes, they do.

Jesus Christ didn't hate on gay people. It's not a Christian issue. It's the dogma of a subset of IDIOTS who CALL themselves Christians.

Well the old testament does hate on gay people. See Romans 1:26-27.

Comment Re:100 years ago, who cares? (Score 1) 478

What's the specific lesson that's so important here?

Did I say there was a lesson? Of course you are assuming I'm making so anti-Turk or pro-Armenian statement. I'm not.

The so-called "cliche" phrase we are talking about means this: don't do the same stupid shit repeatedly. I learned that when I was around 4 years old.

Comment Re:Fake movie (Score 3, Interesting) 478

It has nothing to do with them being Muslims

Are you sure?

In 2011, Erdoan ordered the tearing-down of the Statue of Humanity, a Turkish-Armenian friendship monument in Kars, which was commissioned in 2006 and represented a metaphor of the rapprochement of the two countries after many years of dispute over the events of 1915. Erdoan justified the removal by stating that the monument was offensively close to the tomb of an 11th-century Islamic scholar,

Comment Re:...and sales will go down (Score 1) 421

Here's the hard truth about the music industry's "war on piracy". It's not about piracy, it's about killing the indie scene so the incumbent labels are the only source for music. It's purely anti-competitive, full-stop.

So really, by downloading big label movies, you are sort of like a freedom fighter. Fighting for the poor helpless indie labels.

If big-label media wasn't listed on torrent sites, big label media wouldn't care. That, and there are many, MANY outlets for indie musicians to distribute their music that are much better than a crappy malware-ridden torrent site.

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