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The Internet

Submission + - Dealing with Porn Addiction 2

anonymous coward writes: I'm addicted to 'Internet' porn. I call it Internet porn, because I believe I would not have the problem if not for the Internet. The anonymity, volume of material available and being able to keep it hidden from others are strong motivators for maintaining the behavior. I've tried deleting images only that I keep wanting or downloading more. I've filled many DVDs with Porn and still have over 100 GB at this point. I know I've downloaded much more. Its been an ongoing habit now for 10 years, starting in early adulthood. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to overcome it? Are there any suggestions to minimize the behavior such as keeping only a small collection of images? I have found it to be an incredible waste of time and want to stop or control the behavior. I'm still able to do other activities like sports, a normal social life, work and so on, its just this behavior is very, very easy to hide from others.

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