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Nano Origami for DNA, Complete With Software 32

wisebabo writes "Some researchers at Technische Universitaet Muenchen and Harvard have developed a way to make DNA 'Origami' fold up into all sorts of desired nanoscale shapes. While this has been done before, there now seems to be a much greater assortment of shapes they can create. What's particularly interesting is that they've developed some software that can be used (presumably with a DNA assembler) that will create what you want; think of CAD/CAM on a molecular scale! 'The toolbox they have developed includes a graphical software program that helps to translate specific design concepts into the DNA programming required to realize them. Three-dimensional shapes are produced by "tuning" the number, arrangement, and lengths of helices.'"

What an IBM-Sun Merger Might Mean For Java, MySQL, Developers 292

An IBM-Sun merger is a tantalyzing possibility; snydeq writes "Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister suggests that an IBM/Sun merger could crown Big Blue king of enterprise software development. 'Acquiring Sun would make IBM the clear leader in Java, as it would become the caretaker of the open source reference implementation of the JRE,' which, along with GlassFish, would become entry-level gateways to IBM's WebSphere stack. Moreover, MySQL would give IBM's database division a significant entry-level hook, and NetBeans/Eclipse would unify IBM's front against Visual Studio. 'All in all, this move would solidify IBM's role as "the developer company,"' McAllister writes. 'In other words, if this merger goes through and you're an enterprise developer and you're not an IBM customer now, get ready — because you soon will be. Better bring your wallet.'" And blackbearnh writes with a short interview with Brian Aker (who came to Sun as MySQL's director of architecture, and is now the lead for MySQL fork Drizzle) about what life would be like under Big Blue's control.

Lawmakers Say Electric Cars Are Too Quiet Screenshot-sm 28

California lawmakers are pushing a bill that would ensure electric vehicles make enough noise to be heard by blind and visually impaired people. The state senate has already passed the bill but the governator hasn't yet taken a position. If passed, the bill would establish a committee which would study ways electric vehicles could make more noise. The committee's recommendations would be due by 2010. May I suggest a siren or some baseball cards in the wheels.

Oregon Man Plans 300 Mile Flight in Lawn Chair Screenshot-sm 7

Kent Couch plans on attaching 150 giant latex party balloons filled with helium to a lawn chair and flying from his home in Oregon to somewhere in Idaho, preferably Boise, this 4th of July weekend. This is actually Kent's third attempt. The first trip ended abruptly when he shot out too many balloons trying to descend and he had to use a parachute to land. This time Kent has corporate sponsorship, duct tape and zip ties for emergency repairs, extra clothes and a blanket to ward off the cold at higher altitudes. If all goes well, the lawn-chair pilot says he'd like to fly across the English Channel and even Australia. Assuming he can remember the lyrics to 'The Imagination Song,' Mr. Couch might even make it to Imaginationland one day.

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