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Comment Re:Bio tech too! -- and good drugs!!! (Score 5, Informative) 427

Must...control...fist...of...death! OH my god, you're an idiot.

Considering that the main drug of choice for cyclists (EPO) still has no reliable test that can't be beat by a quick I.V. to water down the blood supply.
Nope, they do have a test for EPO now; granted you can still get beneficial effects and test clean, but a "quick IV" won't beat it. They also test hematocrit levels - if they're too high, you're suspended (this is actually not a positive test, since no drugs are detected, but you can't race for "health reasons"). This goes to the heart of how EPO helps performance.

Instead he went from being a sprinter who was a middle of the road time trialist and basically poor climber into a virtuoso. I don't buy it for a minute.
Is this why he was Junior National Time Trial champion? Is this why he road away from the field at World's (1993, and also as a junior (he didn't win as a junior, but he put the hurt on people)). Lance was never a sprinter - he was much more of a rolleur until he was able to reshape his body after chemotherapy (by losing the upper body mass from his triathalon days). THEN he became a good climber.

Check out the book LA Confidential:
Which is the subject of multiple lawsuits by Lance against the author. Also, Walsh (the author) even admits he doesn't prove anything. He merely "implies" that Lance used drugs; I'm guessing Walsh's defence in court will be along these lines.

People like you make me angry. Lance has been the most tested athlete over the last few years and has NEVER tested positive. The French judiciary had a mutli YEAR investigation into his alleged drug taking - the case was thrown out when they couldn't uncover ANY evidence that he had used performance enhancing substances. That investigation even subpeonaed his medical records, btw, so they had full access to all available information.

Go away.


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