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Submission + - Slashdot User Starts-up Effort Behind Religions based on Universal Simulation (

eyenot writes: It's not really all that heady or weird. Basically, recent news has shown us that there are now some somewhat-rigorous mathematical theories supporting the hypothesis that our entire universe is actually a simulation (moreover: that any sentient beings might have a high probability of considering their enclosing universes to be simulations.) Sorry, no links, look it up yourself.

One slashdot user has cavorted to begin an actual doctrinalized religion based on these theories and it's probably looser than you already imagined.

Submission + - SPAM: The Voicemail Scam Spam Campaign Never Got Past OpenBSD Greylisting writes: "We usually don't see much of the scammy spam and malware", writes Peter Hansteen, "But that one time we went looking for them, we found a campaign where our OpenBSD greylisting setup was 100% effective in stopping the miscreants' messages." The article The Voicemail Scammers Never Got Past Our OpenBSD Greylisting shows how that scammy spam campaign looked like from behind a simple greylisting setup, with links to relevant data and articles.
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Submission + - FOI Request reveals UK Houses of Parliament workers' passion for adult content (

Anita Hunt (lissnup) writes: Hot on the heels of Dave Cameron's demands to make such content universally "opt-in", the Independent reports "Westminster computers were prevented from accessing sex sites 114,844 times last November alone and on 55,552 in April, while February saw just 15 and in June officials blocked 397 attempts." No explanation has been offered for the variation, although it would be interesting to know if the fall in the number of recorded/reported attempts coincides with the date the FOI request was filed.

Submission + - Are Neutrinos Their Own Antiparticles? (

sciencehabit writes: A long-standing controversy among particle physicists looks to be settled—in the less exciting way—thanks to new data from an ultrasensitive particle detector deep underground. Physicists operating the GERmanium Detector Array (GERDA) 1400 meters down in Italy's Gran Sasso National Laboratory say that they see no signs of a hypothesized type of nuclear decay called neutrinoless double-beta decay that, were it conclusively observed, would almost certainly merit a Nobel Prize. The new results stick a pin in a claim made by a rival group in 2001.

Feed Science Daily: Seagull Blood Shows Promise For Monitoring Pollutants From Oil Spills (

Like the proverbial coal miners' canary-in-the-cage, seagulls may become living sentinels to monitor oil pollution levels in marine environments. Researchers have known for years that large oil spills can increase levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in marine environments. Studies have linked these compounds to cancer in humans.


Submission + - Alphabet games (

Linda writes: "Alphabet games are great fun and they make you think when trying to write a birthday speech. Think of an animal starting with the letter A for ass and go through the alphabet until you reach zebra. You can do the same for colours. It's a great way to break the ice at a birthday party."

Submission + - Spare a dime (

Linda writes: "There are so many charities it is difficult to make an original type appeal for funds. Your speech needs to be motivational, showing exactly what will be done with the donations you hope to get. Make it personal too saying that the wheel chair you can buy with the funds will help Mary join the local youth club or your funds will change John's life by enabling him to travel to Russia for the treatment he needs for his illness. Motivate your audience to make a contribution and help them to emphatise with those in need."

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