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Comment Re:Illegal Six Ways from Sunday (Score 1) 327

* a cursory search for autosyringe, spring-loaded syringe, etc. revealed numerous other syringe products.

* there are two competitive products (meaning: besides epipen) for the same market.

* the modification of a trademark for personal use is legal. basically when it comes to personal, private use, intellectual property law always (read: 'always') has to take a hike, at least in the United States of America

* you only have to conform to using strictly FDA approved materials if you are operating under a license, dumb fucking dipshit suckass punk

* you can buy epinephrine online without prescription

* you can buy epinephrine in canada without prescription

* if you have an allergy -- any allergy -- you can get an epinephrine prescription you fucking. dumbass.

* suck my dick. suck my big, giant, mother-fucking dick.

Comment slashdot (Score 0) 248

over time, my sensations and feelings about slashdot have certainly changed.

back when i first joined, it was kind of like recapturing the closely-knit social net that bbsing used to provide. except instead of being largely net by geographical proximity, *cough* we were net by intellectual capacity. "news for nerds", right?

and today i would say my feeling towards or sensation about slashdot is more like, sitting down at a dinner table that's so old and worn it largely resembles found wood, and i'm wearing raggedy, hobo clothes and so is the teenager sitting down across from me, and we have one old iron pot to scoop our food from with disgusting wooden bowls, and i make sure that the teen ager gets the greater portion of food because it's a growing child, but every last thing that comes out of the teenager's mouth just makes me want to kick it down the worn out dingy stairs right into the stupid fucking horse drawn buggy traffic. and it leads me to posts like this which are basically apropros of nothing suddenly standing up and spitting directly into the teenager's fucking soup pot.

Comment what does it matter new owners of slashdot (Score -1, Troll) 199

what does it matter you stupid mother fuckers whether the guy's wearing a towel wrapped around his head or around his dick, eh? hey, downgrade me another set of appointed modpoints, PLEASE -- the 15 A DAY was a little too fucking annoying and after my last racist comment, the 5 A DAY is still just annoying in an entirely new way.


fucking jerk off sons of bitches. instead of trying to "improve" slashdot why don't you work on improving your own country out of a state of more or less complete and absolute academic dishonesty? how about work on your government so it's not bribery from towel wrapped head to towel wrapped dick you short, greasy mother fuckers?

this site is getting fucking pathetic, man. i bet if i keep up this put-on tirade of racist bullshit for long enough you'll sack my fucking account because you're weak spined, arrogant, stupid, dishonest wannabe crackers. sorry you weren't born in the appalachians but apparently you can still marry your sister or daughter in the united states so hey you still have opportunities to catch up with the elegant east coast lifestyle. become a real "blue blood" and fuck both your mother and your sister at once.

what was this fucking article about? putting an entirely new layer of cookies actually on the fucking backbone of the internet?

wow, you've got to be fucking kidding me. who came up with this fucking bullshit, the guy who falsely claimed to invent the microwave or the guy who actually believes he has the right to sell the golden gate bridge?

so let me ask, which server has to play "user" at any given time? i mean, if you make it completely ambiguous which server is user and which is host -- in terms of the cookie you follow me -- then it's not a security protocol. at all. it's fucking bullshit. it's over-complicating something. claiming that it improves security would somewhere implicate a tautology. security is already well defined and it does not entail complete transparency and freely flowing bidirectional information. firewalls exist for a reason. jesus i think i just sprouted a second, baby-sized dick. it has an actual dick diaper on it. there's a rattle sticking out of my ear. what the actual fuck.

you see that, you fuck around with these new third-world slashdot owners long enough and they just sick the magic juju on your ass.

fucking anti-headline bullshit. when is this site going to get liquidated and put us all out of our miseries?

Comment Re:The Aunt Gertrude Rapid Escape System (Score 1) 79

Right? Like something he says while he's slicking his hair back in front of everybody who's sitting down to enjoy dinner.

"Dinner? With you losers?" *slick* "No way, losers. That was Old Glenn. This--" *slick* "Is New Glenn. And New Glenn's goin' out to get New Glenn's dick wet. Not like you losers who are sittin' here to get their mouths dry on all this dry overcooked food. Overcooked?" *slick* "Not New Glenn. That was Old Glenn. Peace out you loser bitches."

Comment don't see what it has to do with security (Score 1) 308

i mean, sure, yeah, you can destroy anything from the device itself, to the usb port it's in, to the usb interface controller. who knows, okay let's so you can set the entire machine on fire and vaporize it in an instant and whoosh disappear from the building, end of mission. mission successful. asset destroyed.

okay so the next morning they open up shop, see the vaporized computer, and replace it because hello redundancy.

they not only replace the redundant hardware and all the redundant data stored on it, even while the machine was down some other machine was carrying its burden because again redundancy. sorry to be redundant but redundancy.

way to "test" the system.

then you wake up the next morning and overnight the local librarians were showing video tape to the cops of you plugging something at exactly the time it stopped working, and then you jet out like you've seen a ghost. or maybe you're real brave and destroyed some college property like a real professional hollyhackerwood. nice going so you're giggling into your mug full of cheerios (sick life hack yo) and down comes your front door and somebody shoots you in the heart because (1) hackers don't have quite bad enough image yet, it needs to get way iller up in hackland (2) they thought the coffee mug was a gun sorry you had to go that way my hacker compadre.

but you kind of brought it down on yourself.

Comment Re:I am not a network engineer. Can someone explai (Score 1) 112

i think it's a matter of information gaps, not necessarily that the information isn't there but that it's not in a handy ready to transmit form and it hasn't all been collated into one spot outside of some NSA operation.

basically ISPs serve their customers. their work is downstream. all of their customer data is relevant downstream. well, unless they're selling names and addresses to advertisers.

so sure the ISPs know where all their customers are, but the other ISPs don't. and there's no central repository of this private business information for others to glean from. unless we're talking about several ISPs that are all operated by the same umbrella corporation for the sake of avoiding public accusations of market monopoly.

now let's consider how you're going to find all the ISPs of some other country. sure, in the united states all ISPs register with the FCC. there's not necessarily an analog in every other country, especially when we start getting down to countries that should be undeveloped but ran ahead and screwed their shit up by developing some things too fast and other things too slowly. countries where basically you can see something like a beautiful 100,000 luxury bus dropping off the side of a mountain because there's nothing but some mud clinging to the side of a mountain and somebody felt that was a road. or you see something like a team of guys trying to get a backhoe off a truck by lowering it down on its own arm because they can't afford a mother. fucking. ramp. it's literally one of history's oldest tools and here they have a hydraulic shovel and a diesel engine truck and they don't have a fucking ramp. so somewhere out there is an ISP that doesn't even have to have a license to pay a guy with one towel around his dick and another around his head to go out also without a license and climb a pole using a rope and almost get electrocuted while hanging cat-5 from a wooden pole using carpentry staples. unless the third world we're talking about is a united state trailer park in which case the registry they're using is probably the sex offender registry.

Comment Re:Leakiest release ever? (Score 0, Flamebait) 66


i can't believe after this many years of apple routinely doing this, people have still not caught on

talk about fucking retarded

like, listen to you, you actually sound like you've been sitting on the fence about this for a hell of a long time

never mind. i just realized you're probably deployed here as a polling system for apple to gauge how many more years they can effectively do this.

Comment ethics shmethics (Score 1) 265

There are varying levels of ethical boundary. There are codes and there are guidelines. If you go against an ethical code you'll be seen as amoral. If you go against an ethical guideline you'll be asked for your wallet.

Now you should look at the good General's speech in this article. He says that these are ethical "considerations". That places them firmly in the realm of guidelines, not coda. This means that when the time comes, when it comes down to whether or not there are terrible ramifications to building an "unstoppable terminator", the people in charge will more or less give it some thought. Sorry if I have to explain this to anyone; it's just how the distribution of legitimized power works. You draw thin lines and thick heavy ones.

The second thing in the General's speech is the use of "fine line". This is a funny turn of speech in the military, in general. Because a fine line refers to a very scrutable detail. A line that clearly demarcates one side from another. But war-making is not about staying on the side of a line, it's about moving a line and advancing it towards a goal. The "thin lines" are dross, and the heavy ones represent stopping power.

Comment Re:ha ha ha (Score 2) 193

yes, it is. and to help you, friend, and clarify one of the points you were on the fence of making:

the force that oppose the SJWs make merchandise.

just remember, it's not always 100% of the time "have v have-not"

quite often, it really boils down to "make v make-not"


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