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Comment what if we're being lied to? (Score 1) 178

What if the shadow brokers didn't hack and steal NSA code, but simply had some part in writing the code to begin with and perhaps what they're selling is unrefined prototypes?

Frankly I have no reason to believe that the shadow brokers and the equation group are even separate entities. If equation group are as good as they are supposed to be, then it makes more sense that for some reason equation group are playing a game with the public. (I highly doubt they'd try and play a game with the NSA.)

I have also seen that the NSA has been trying to make itself somewhat more transparent and useful to the public in the last eight years. Not exactly taking strides but there have definitely been gestures. Perhaps this is the only way they know how to release tools to the public while avoiding accountability under a government that doesn't comprehend the benefits of transparency or educating the masses in cyber security. It would also explain how federally held bitcoins have been trickling into the shadow brokers' wallet.

Just sayin'.

Comment take some classes manishs (Score 1) 275

I'm tired of this "manishs" person not having a better grasp of English, but also authoring 90% of the /. links I follow here from Twitter. The embarrassments are mounting for whoever it is -- if they CAN be embarrassed. I dunno. Some of the articles posted seem possessed of a political slant suggesting a personality of really odd affect.

Comment not what i expect (Score 5, Interesting) 394

When I heard that the iPhone was "missing" the headphone jack, my first thought was "good call".

Here you have this insanely popular electronic device that people have with them at all times, and what's the number one complaint about it? No, no, /. friends, no, it's not planned obsolescence. It's "this thing dies if it so much as looks at water."

Well if you're going to try to take care of that problem one thing you might go for right away is getting rid of that crazy big hole in the top that by its very nature of design is all about exposed metal contacts.

I guess you could get all crazy in your head about DRM and shit but as someone else points out, at the end of the day however the sound is delivered it must end up being converted into a signal that can be used by standard speakers or headphones.

The only way around that is if Apple plans on making it so you have only two options:
* play the sound directly through the iPhone's built-in speaker
* send the sound via some Apple-proprietary encrypted cousin of bluetooth to one of Apple's own special speaker systems that if they get large enough to entertain a party probably cost many thousands of dollars

If that's the direction they're going to go I'd like to imagine it's going to be a complete failure because people don't have the money or wherewithal to spend on special speakers from Apple (the computer company, not the music company).

But then again you only have to know a handful of Apple users to understand that they would do exactly that, and would be glad to go broke doing it.

Comment Re:what kind of answer do you want? (Score 1) 8





-- crackle --

Yes I am the child of a bunch of weird immigrants with weird fucking, like, black and white clothing and bonnets and aprons and scythes and sickles and shit like bibles catching on fire everywhere, and then there was that time they sacrificed all the town's children to the transdimensional being who exists only in between rows of regularly planted corn stalks. Well beggars can't be choosers, I guess. After awhile even "tsimfuckis" has to have his day, just like Napoleon Bonepart. It makes me wonder why those freewheeling French decided the great conqueror should be described as separating the bone-related information "apart" from the rest of the information. Journal Entry, Night double-zero-negative: basically I will be murdering St. John the Baptise and his cache of Capri Suns roughly around the same time Blonde Trust Fund Girl Numero Uno is waking up to her wristwatch that always plays "Detective" by No Doubt.

Comment okay... similar lyrics for 13th level blobs' sakes (Score 1) 4

He's a drug store truck drivin man
He's the head of the Ku Klux Klan
When summer rolls around
He'll be lucky if he's not in town

Well he's got him a house on the hill
He plays country records till you've had your fill
He's a fireman's friend, he's an all night DJ
But he sure does think different from the records he plays

He's a drug store truck drivin man
He's the head of the Ku Klux Klan
When summer rolls around
He'll be lucky if he's not in town

Well he don't like the young folks I know
He told me one night on his radio show
He's got him a medal he won in the war
Weighs five hundred pounds and sleeps on his floor

He's a drug store truck drivin man
He's the head of the Ku Klux Klan
When summer rolls around
He'll be lucky if he's not in town

He's been like a father to me
He's the only DJ you can hear after three
I'm an all night musician in a rock 'n' roll band
And why he don't like me, I can't understand

He's a drug store truck drivin man
He's the head of the Ku Klux Klan
When summer rolls around
He'll be lucky if he's not in town

-- "Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man"
(Originally by The Byrds,
(You can also find this covered by Al Jourgensen with some of "Ministry" as "Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters" on the album "Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free")

Comment Re:Marketing is a four-letter word (Score 1) 195

People who live without fear don't worry what other people think about them.

That's what "social justice warriors", the American liberal left, and the like don't begin to comprehend or understand: that they are only speaking on behalf of severely damaged and malicious members of society; meanwhile, plenty of minorities have gone on to become very successful, non-racist members of a society that they don't see as racist; plenty of gay people have gone on to become very successful, homosexual members of a society that they don't see as homophobic; plenty of people who don't fit whatever norm you hold true -- the details of which you think is more important than the details of the lives of everybody you claim to support -- and those people don't miss a minute of sleep because of it, aren't suffering one shred of anxiety over any perceivable discrimination, aren't held down by any over-arching power, and don't sweat the differences between men and women and black and white and you name it, because those people are "over it".

"Woke" is great. "Woke" is some shit, alright? Go ahead, be "woke" all you want. I'm glad you ain't sleepin', because there's some real world shit out there that unless you're "woke", you won't get.

But go ahead and tell me "woke" is all there is to life when you know damn well you can't always remember your own phone number or how to cook toast right when you just woke up.

"Woke" is great and all but unless you're *COMPLETE*, there's no satisfaction for you. "Woke", you're still just trying to piece together some dream you just think you had. Unless you're one steely mother fucker, if you just "woke" you aren't up for very much meet and greet, try and true, or any else that matter.

So all these "SJW" sorts and the rest of liberal politics are just barking up the tree of reactionary sorts who come down to their level. The people who engage in this don't even deserve to be sorted as "left" and "right" -- they're just reactionary consumers, plain and simple. Their politics are consumer products and they can't act because they're too busy reacting.

Now, given this perspective (which you basically have to agree with or look like a fucking tool, admit it,) what was that you said to/about me, again? "Tool"? "Sanctimonius"?

If Freud wasn't post-modern history's most absurdist spermbank I'd borrow from his porn mag and throw a little pin-up of "PROJECTIONIST!" your way, because obvious you sound more than a little bit jealous. Of what, I have no clue. You never know what people declare vals in, these days!

Comment Re:what kind of answer do you want? (Score 1) 8

all of this hardware is *SUPPOSED* to be operating on a civilian level so that it is usable by PROPERLY LICENSED CIVILIANS.

in other words, if you can put aside about $3,500 into a secure bank account with a tax ID, connect it to a DBA and then declaration of company business, go ahead and write up articles of incorporation and get ready for the wild and whacky world of "do anything you want as long as you are really good with disposing of random numerals followed by engineering-style groups of three zeroes -- in u.s. dollars that is", then you should by all means have completely transparent access to all of the specifications of hardware and software required to gain legal access to the various mobile networks.

hell. to put it plainly, i bet there's somebody somewhere up the corporate-slash-IT-slash-tech ladder in some mobile carrier somewhere who, if you can get him/her on the phone for twenty minutes, will sell you/it/them the "permission" (window of opportunity) you need to establish your own connection on their employer's network if you can sing them the right song (for your sake i hope they're more a fan of bluebox than greenbacks.) if you're just plain and simple a suave mofo, you can probably talk somebody into spilling the beans on how to get your "locked down" phone onto civilians bandwidths without even "jailbreaking" it. thanks to "legislation" against "terrorism" and "corporate espionage", plenty of "backdoors" are probably out there completely protected from "reverse engineering" thanks to "national security".

Comment what kind of answer do you want? (Score 1) 8

the quickest and most likely correct answer is probably, no. that answer also covers the most liability as well, so if you act as if that answer's the truth then you'll probably enjoy the greatest amount of security.

then there are longer answers where somebody who's a professional in cellular technology (and how to sell it) convinces you that there's "no way" a "hacker" can attack your phone or take advantage of any vulnerabilities, as long as you keep your phone off the internet.

there is sort of a final, construable fatalistic response to that, that nothing is 100% secure and that a growing life incurs some amount of risk, so no matter what you do you cannot be perfectly secure and you have to accept some amount of risk. but don't you get sick and tired of hearing that shit?

then there's the far-fetched idea that even if the security theorists are right and nothing's secure, and even if the wireless professional is right and your phone can never be hacked, there's always the third possibility that you attempt to secure your phone yourself by designing and building your own hardware and software. you could make a phone that convinces you that it's secure and buy service for that.

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