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Comment The near-perfect demonstration (Score 1) 139

You demonstrate the point. That you, as a BYU alumnus, would respond to defend Ralph Yarro was perfect, while ultimately ignoring the moral dimension of his actions, which are clearly on the record. I do not think getting close enough to feel the mesmerizing effect he apparently radiates for the likes of you would make a difference to me. I see plenty of people like him.

At BYU, obviously, any mention of sex or anything aligned against the prejudices of the hierarchy (anti-war? anti proposition 8?) is immorality in the extreme while extreme fraud and dishonesty of the worst sort that Ralph or any other of the Gods of the community is guilty of don't even register as being fundamentally evil in character. BYU and Mormondom are by no means the only place this is true, but they come up frequently enough. Your complete lack of morality is obvious to most everyone else. You all love a good fraud, as long as those involved pay monies to the church. How dare anyone bring this up when you are promoting your God-given right to force censorship on others. How noble that you gave Ralph a hard time over his actions with respect to Linux, the Nordas, etc. You sure showed him!

Comment CP80 = SCO, sort of. (Score 3, Insightful) 139

The top person behind CP80 is Ralph Yarro, of Canopy / SCO / etc. fame, who tried to defraud the Nordas, IBM, Novell, the creators of Linux, etc. He has no ethics whatsoever, but in his book, banning content that he deems not fit for you is completely appropriate.

These people are technically ignorant, and want to gain by enforcing their new laws what no voluntary-based action of good intent would win them. Ignorant lawsuits, and ignorant laws, not created with a modicum of thought or sympathy for anyone besides the profit in becoming the gateway to control the internet and tax and regulate everything according to their "morals". Never mind that he could just as easily set up some port besides 80 with a technology that enabled whatever degree of filtering he wanted and people who agreed with him could move to that port and technology, but he is a dictator and a fraud at heart.

There are plenty of people in Utah and especially at Brighan Young University (where real dissent is not tolerated) who will blindly follow and greatly praise such a person, both for putting a lid on internet-style free thought, and also in the same breath for trying to eliminate Linux, that hotbed of hackerdom, people who don't know that Windows is what is good for them. As much as they claim to respect your freedom on other ports, don't believe them.

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