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Comment Re:Make the speaker icon blink (Score 1) 122

Silent audio won't necessarily work, as browsers are already detecting whether a video's audio is silent. In Firefox 51, this video that has intermittent audio causes the speaker icon in the tab to blink on and off whenever the game plays a sound effect.

Easy solution, the audio file will be a constant tone at 100 kHz. The user wouldn't notice it since it is well outside human hearing range, and the sound is playing 100% of the time.

Comment Samsung =/= Android (Score 1) 191

Android is the OS. Samsung is the manufacturer of a particular device that uses Android. If you like Android you can buy a device from any plethora of makers. I get it, the article is from, so they have a definite bias, but there argument is less than flimsy at best. It follows the same logic as saying you had bought one bad chevy cruze, so you are now only going to buy diesel vehicles.

Comment Re:Typical Silicon Valley Startup. (Score 1) 436

Yeah, except without any of the reward. These drivers aren't getting stock or any type of company ownership. Typically in a startup you are working a large amount of hours at low pay with the hope that your product takes off or you get acquired so your personal share of the company gains a massive amount of worth and then you cash out. In this case there is no hope of a cash out for these people. Now I do blame them for not having the foresight to see this, but ultimately it is different for them that a typical startup.

Comment AirBNB... (Score 2) 38

If you RTFA AirBNB isn't providing free rooms for people displaced by the hurricance, the hosts that rent out through them are providing the free rooms. AirBNB is not paying them and then letting the displaced stay there, the hosts are offing the usage of their properties for free.

AirBNB is "waiving the service fee for those free hosts" (how nice of them /sarcasm) and seemingly taking all the credit for places for these people to stay when it's actually the goodwill of those hosts helping out...

Comment Oh really? (Score 1) 194

Is this news to anyone? If you are willing use a "free email" that mines your mail for "value" (marketing, etc.) to be sold off are you really surprised when they are using the same platform to get paid by the govt. to search that same data? If you don't physically control the server and manage the software then you don't control the data stored there. Period, this is why you manage your own data. You can ask secretary Clinton about the privacy benefits of a directly owned and managed email server.

The bottom line is that no one cares as much about your privacy/data as you do. To these companies your data is a resource to exploit. Shit, we used to have "personnel" departments at work, now we have "human resources", which by the way is very appropriate - they want to strip mine everything of value then discard the husk, we are a resource... just like coal or iron ore.

Comment Why... (Score 3, Insightful) 81

Serious question - why does your printer have access to the Internet? This is poor security protocol. Proper security is to drop traffic by default, white list what you need. You never truly know what your devices will try to do. As an example, I installed security cameras outside my home and linked them to a linux based PVR for the interface/recording. I noticed that my firewall was dropping tons of data from the IPs assigned to the cameras. A quick dump of the traffic uncovered all cameras trying to connect out to a pair of IPs hosted on amazonaws. I never asked or gave consent for this to happen. The same thing would go with a printer, I don't want it to have access to the Internet. The only thing I want it to do is to print pages I send to it. It doesn't need to update firmware unless I manually push it, in which case I'd have a pretty damn good reason - which wouldn't include limiting my ink cartridge choices. For reference, here is a data dump from one of those cameras.

master@EdgeRouter:~$ sudo tcpdump -i eth0 host
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 65535 bytes
22:13:46.947684 IP > 895+ A? (32)
22:13:46.948215 IP > 895 1/0/0 A (48)
22:13:46.996373 IP > UDP, length 421
22:13:48.191871 IP > UDP, length 4
22:13:48.192026 IP > UDP, length 4
22:13:48.192104 IP > UDP, length 4

Do you want your devices to serve you, or do you want your devices to serve the device maker and their will? It might seem extreme to some but as far as I'm concerned the only sane thing to do is treat *every* device as hostile until you know otherwise, drop all packets with a hardware firewall by default, and only approve the traffic you want to go out.

Comment Stupid consumers... (Score 2) 191

What the fuck does new device availability have to do with "having to buy a new phone"? My phone is over two years old and I plan on getting 4+ years out of it. It does what I need it to do. It's a tool, you replace it when it needs replacement/updating based on functionality not just because there is a newer one. Everyone wonders why people are broke, have no retirement savings, etc. This is why, abysmal money management skills.

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