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Journal Journal: It's me, shhhh

Well, I've decided to move away from my old /. account to my new one. I may use the old one from time to time to do some playing, or if this account attracks the AC, but fan me here so you can keep up to date with my latest travels. That AC troll that was stalking me really got on my nerves so I made this account, I figure it will either draw him to this & I'll stay as the old one, or he'll miss my "evil twin" and I'll stay here. As for the "wrong" in the name, I figure I keep getting called wrong so I might as well say it! But seriously I don't mind so long as the troll stays off of my back. I should have my friends migrated over to this account in short time, please bear with me.

I know I made a post before claiming I had a troll & I said this account was the troll, but "I" was just fooling with you guys. I wanted that AC to completely ignore this account. Things seem to have slowed for the AC troll, but he hit my other account earlier so I am going to continue both accounts for now. To Liora and meddab, I must say I am sorry for fooling you with that post about the religious things. Can you @ least forgive me? Oh, and I got that sig fixed, thanks JtS, in my haste I just copied it & forgot to check the formatting.

Since I do not know who that troll is & I have not decided which account I will end up keeping, I will continue denying that my "evil twin" & my other account are both me.

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