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Comment Seems pretty spot on to me (Score 3, Interesting) 348

This is the exact reason I haven't picked one up. I can make and use a vacuum former. I can sculpt, and make castings. All of these things are easier for me than working with the current set of 3D printers. I'm sure I could learn to work the thing, and make the programs, but it's just not worth my time, when I can do it the old fashioned way faster. Not everyone is a programmer. If the interface was slick and easy, I'd cough up the cash in minutes. I've been watching the progression of these little things for ages, and would love to have one. However, even my most tech savvy buddies have to spend more time trouble shooting than making. Hell, even the Mojang guys were tweeting about a new 3D printer, and damn if they didn't have to trouble shoot, and replace a part straight off. So the article is right. It's not the $2000 that is holding me back from buying one. It's the learning curve, and the inhospitable user interface. I may be a techy artist, but I'm an artist, not a programmer.

Comment Bricked by Company? (Score 2) 285

Why can't the cell phone company just brick your phone? I have an iPhone, and it can brick if I jailbreak wrong, so why can't I just call the carrier, tell them it's stolen, and have it bricked. Or like someone else said, never have that phone allowed to register again? Don't they do that over in Europe.

Comment Re:The Onion Router (Score 1) 216

I really want to use TOR. I grasp the theory. However, I am too tech stupid to be aware of all the ins and outs to a degree that will keep me safe. I can barely upload a video to youtube. Yet, I know how to BT. My biggest fear for TOR is that I will think I have it right, but have missed some key component a real tech savvy person would find obvious, and be back to square one. Unfortunately, I am a user that needs hand holding.

Comment Re:... join the Math Club (Score 1) 133

I have to agree with this. I'm in an accounting class right now. The instructor is using the pre packaged textbook website for our quizzes and homework. She is using a syllabus provided by the book company to teach her classes. She knows nothing outside of that. This is a woman that presumably was a teacher before this pre-packaged era, but often says, "I don't know, it's not in this chapter's package." There is literally nothing in this class, that could not have been done at home, and online because there is no teaching being done.

Comment Re:Discrimination Issues (Score 1) 186

As other's have said, the two organizations are not remotely connected. The Boy Scouts don't allow athiests or LGBT folks. The Girl Scouts however, have been supporting transgirls in their troups, and doing some amazingly inclusive things. This is causing some conservative groups to boycott the Girl Scouts. I've actually just bought 20 boxes of cookies today to support the Girl Scouts. I never normally buy Girl Scout cookies, either.

Comment Violent Stalkers (Score 1) 241

This really bothers me. I am on G+, with my name, but only because I recently legally changed it. I couldn't have used it before because I have abusive family that were stalking me. They are terrible with "the internets" so a legal name change solved the basic google searches they were capable of, for finding me. However, if my legal name hadn't been changed, I couldn't use G+ and feel safe. I can't be the only one that has issues with putting their legal name out there.

Comment Easier to change your name. (Score 1) 318

For the first time ever I used my real name on G+. I have avoided my real name on the internet because I have some blood relations that could and would cause me serious harm if they could find me. Why did I suddenly reverse my entire internet habit? I just changed my name legally. Since they are not tech savvy beyond the basics of Google searches, I feel that being a half a continent away, and using a fully different name will protect me. Not everyone wants to change their legal name, though.

Comment Re:From a female perspective (Score 1) 432

When I played counterstrike, we ran a server, so I felt cool playing there. I've moved to the more general xbox games in the last five years or so, and you can't really enforce behaving like a human being on there. Every once in a while I'll play with my friends, but I think it's just weird to only feel comfortable if I'm playing with friends because I know they won't start making homophobic, racist, or sexist (especially rape orientated) comments. For me, it's just not worth it much. I spend more time on minecraft anyways these days, and being able to control a server allows for more nice behavior, but I then again minecrafters don't seem to have that cultural bent anyways. I'm better off. I honestly wouldn't mind if it was just more evened out, genderwise with both genders all sexed up. Hell, if I could just play a female character that looked older than 18, and wore real clothes every once in a while, I'd consider it a win. That is more of an age misperception, though, where game designers think all of us gamers are teens. You'd think they would want to focus on us old coots. We have money to burn on games.

Comment From a female perspective (Score 0) 432

For perspective, I'm a 40 year old female gamer. I like fps games on solo. I HATE playing online with the community for any reason. That part is the community. I can't use a mic because I sound young enough that I get propositioned by folks young enough to be my son. Just. . . Eww. Don't even get me started on the insults. Even if they are not directed at me, I just don't want to hear homophobic, racial, or gender slurs every two minutes. The prevalence of rape humor and insults makes me really uncomfortable. Therefore, I don't play online with my xbox on fps.

As for the games themselves? Can I even play a female character? Can she have generally reasonable clothing? Not stripper wear? Is there parts of the game where all the present female characters are there to kill, screw, or serve as eye candy? Is there male eye candy? Are females represented in the game as anything other than victims?

I don't think any of this is rocket science.

Comment No Thank You to 3D. (Score 4, Interesting) 281

I have Graves Disease. I get nausea a lot. I have meds that suppress the disease, and the side effects are more nausea. Surprise!

On a good day, with little amounts of 3D, I'm fine. One a bad day, I can't even watch my Netflix queue on my xbox queue scroll sideways. I hate it when the only version of a movie that is available is in 3D. These days I'll wait until I can find a regular version, or not watch it.

I won't even attempt the Nintendo 3DS.

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