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Submission + - Antibody cocktail cures monkeys of Ebola (

ananyo writes: "From the Nature story:
Monkeys infected with Ebola have been cured by a cocktail of three antibodies first administered 24 hours or more after exposure. The result raises hopes that a future treatment could improve the chances of humans surviving the disease caused by the deadly virus, which kills up to 90% of infected people and could potentially be used as a biological weapon. Most treatment regimes tested to date only improve chances of survival if administered within one hour of infection (abstract)."


Submission + - Security Hole Exposes Android, iOS To Facebook Identity Theft

An anonymous reader writes: Gareth Wright, a U.K.-based developer of apps for Android and iOS, has discovered a security hole in Facebook’s native mobile apps that he says can be used to steal personal information about you. The problem is that Facebook’s apps for the two platforms do not encrypt your login credentials, meaning they can be easily swiped over a USB connection, or more likely, via malicious apps.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: No comprehensive app for Slashdot yet? ( 4

CCarrot writes: While looking for a comprehensive Slashdot app for Android, I was somewhat shocked to find that there isn't one out there (yet). There are plenty of apps that allow you to read stories and comments, including this one that lets you download and read stories and comments offline, however there are none (that I could find) that allow you to a) log in, or even b) post comments, not to mention check on friends' posts, monitor your comment history and replies, moderate posts, etc., etc.

To be fair, the mobile version of the site is very usable on cellphones and such, although html markup is rather a pain on a phone. It just surprises me that nobody has developed a dedicated app for it yet, especially considering that /. is 'news for nerds'. Any thoughts? Is one of the regular readers currently developing one in their oh-so-abundant 'spare' time? Or would anyone even use such an app if it were available? (besides me, of course...)

Submission + - New Doctor Who Companion Announced (

eternaldoctorwho writes: Jenna-Louise Coleman will be the newest companion to the Doctor (Matt Smith) on the hit series, Doctor Who. The announcement came earlier today on the BBC's Twitter page devoted to the program, along with some other details about the upcoming season of the show. Miss Coleman is also known for her previous roles on Emmerdale and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Submission + - 8 PHP IDEs Compared (

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Peter Wayner provides a hands-on comparison of eight PHP IDEs, few of which proved to be uncluttered, focused, and smooth 'While the tools are more capable than ever, they often felt overly complex and sometimes even rough around the edges. Some of them seem to be bopping along in a state of neglect. Given the prevalence and maturity of PHP, I was surprised by some of the difficulties I ran into. The good news is, whether you lean toward a heavyweight tool packed with features or a lighter-weight tool that brings some polish, there is an option here for you.'"

Submission + - Why Are The Eyes Of A Giant Squid So Big? ( 1

eternaldoctorwho writes: Marine biologists have long known that the eyes of a giant squid are proportionately among the biggest in the animal kingdom. A hypothesis recently published in Current Biology theorizes that the squids need such large ocular organs to spot their largest natural predator — the sperm whale. The Register reports the full story on how the beasties can spot their enemies at such murky depths.

Submission + - Mammal Successful Before Dinosaur Extinction (

eternaldoctorwho writes: New evidence has been uncovered that suggests mammals were widely successful at least 20 million years before dinosaurs went extinct in the K-T asteroid impact. A recently published study in Nature by paleontologist Greg Wilson of the University of Washington reveals that multituberculates (a class of mice-like mammals named for the shape of their teeth) became abundant at the same time as the rise of flowering plants. So what did finally wipe out this now-extinct class of "multis"? University of Chicago paleontologist Zhe-Xi Luo has the answer, "You could say multituberculates were a good match against the dinosaurs, but they were no match for the rodents."

Submission + - Scientists Work Towards Naturally Caffeine-Free Coffee (

eternaldoctorwho writes: Research has been underway to produce a coffee bean plant that naturally has no or little caffeine content. Now, it looks like that might become a reality in the near future: Paulo Mazzafera of the University of Campinas in Brazi has come closer than ever with a strain containing "only 2% of normal caffeine levels". Coffee anyone?

Submission + - CmdrTaco, wife revisit famous Slashdot marriage proposal ( 1

netbuzz writes: "Ten years ago today, at 9:25 a.m., Slashdot founder Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda, used his insider access to the homepage of this forum to send a very public Valentine’s Day marriage proposal to Kathleen Fent. Fifteen minutes later she said yes — and then called him a dork — an exchange that would generate more than 2,000 comments here and make news on other tech sites. As the 10th anniversary of the proposal approached, Network World asked the couple to share their memories of that day and thoughts about it since, as a kind of case study on how this type of public proposal – be it on Slashdot or the stadium Jumbotron – holds up over the years. Would they recommend it? Seems there is disagreement on that score."

Submission + - Facebook Censoring links to free e-books

gr8_phk writes: "Today Google is celebrating Charles Dickens birthday on their main page. You can download many of his works legally from Project Gutenberg since the copyrights have expired. However, you apparently can not post a link to Gutenberg on Facebook. If you try you'll be greeted with an error message which will go away if you remove the url from your post. Today is not the first time I've tried this. Is Facebook blocking links to the competition of places like Amazon? Why can I post a link to Amazon and not Gutenberg, and why does Facebook lie to me about it?"

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