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Submission + - HP to vastly increase chip logic density

werelnon writes: "HP seems to have discovered a way to eliminate the space that signal routing wires take up on conventional chips (signal routing wires currently take up to 90% of the chip die). This should result in chips that can pack up to 8 times more logic transistors than a conventional chip. This should result in cheaper, more powerful, and more efficient chips sooner than Moore's law would predict."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - How to install Asterisk Business Edition on FC5

Dal writes: "Matt Birkland, a local Seattle Asterisk PBX Integrator sent in this article after working through some troubles installing ABE on the Fedora Core 5 Operating System. I hope this helps out anyone that has been having trouble. Please email any comments or questions and we will be sure to pass them along and make updates as needed. Many people may be in a situation like myself where they need specific driver support for a raid array for their Asterisk server. In my case this requires me to use Fedora core 5. Fedora Core 3 and 4 is supported by Digium, but not 5. However I called Digium to confer and a tech told me that they will attempt to support any issue they can replicate on a supported system."

Submission + - NASA Slashing Observation of Earth

mattnyc99 writes: A new report by the National Research Council warns that, by 2010, the number of NASA's Earth-observing missions will drop dramatically, and the number of operating sensors and instruments on NASA spacecraft will decrease by 40 percent. From the report: "The United States' extraordinary foundation of global observations is at great risk." So what does it all mean? Popular Mechanics asks an MIT professor involved in the findings.

Submission + - 1UP's Top 10 WTF moments of 2006

MasterPoof writes: From Scott Sharkey 1UP's Top 10 : "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but mostly, it was the what the f***iest of times. Barely a day went by this year when something absoludicrous didn't assault us from our own news page. Given the relentless march of progressively more insane events and the dilated nature of internet time some of this stuff has already begun to fade from collective memory. But it happened, no matter how much the shriveled rational halves of our brains try to tell us that it didn't." Though must of you probably know what half of these already are, its still worth a read (or at the very least a cheap laugh).

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