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Comment Re:their future (Score -1) 268

I've been saying this since the very beginning. All the hacks were a false flag operation by the government, PRECISELY TO ALLOW this kind of committee to be formed to pass more draconian laws about internet use, hacking, etc. LulzSec and those other groups aren't real, in that the people running them are working for the government. They may have enticed real hackers to join so they'd have people to jail later. It's all fake though. How is it that hackers that touch federal sites are typically in jail within a week, yet nobody has been taken down for the multiple federal site hacks that have happened? That's never happened in the history of hacking, yet somehow LulzSec does it along with 800 other hacks in a bizarrely short time frame. It's fake. Be careful.

Comment Re: w7-faster-xp (Score -1) 385

ahm.!! ahm.!! someone said that he's sure it will "run" in the sense that it boots up and is functional. But "run" in the sense of running well... who knows. Also what compelling reason is there to upgrade from 7 to 8? The only reason I know most people are using 7 is for the 64 bit support, now that we have that we're good for another couple of years.

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