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Submission + - Touche elevates touch sensing to gesture sensing (

ericjones12398 writes: "Communication between humans has always involved far more than simply speaking. Facial expressions and hand gestures are part of communication, too, perhaps even one of the most important parts. A sentence stated with one gesture can have a completely different meaning when accompanied by a different gesture.
The ability to communicate using a variety of means works well for humans, but it is one of the reasons why machines have a difficulty interacting with humans in a natural way. Trying to come up with a good way of giving a computer the ability to recognize gestures is something that quite a few researchers and companies are working with, all trying to find that perfect system.
One of the latest candidates comes from the Disney Research Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, which uses an advanced form of capacitive touch sensing to recognize more varied touches and gestures.
Most current touch devices operate the same way: the system measures the capacitance of the screen, which changes as your finger makes contact. These systems are binary: they only measure whether the finger is in contact with the screen or not. They can’t measure different methods of touching the screen or different gestures."

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