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Submission + - Positive Impact Of Video Games Include Development Of Qualities Such As Multitas (wsj.com)

plagens256 writes: The results of these studies have shown that there are both good and bad HDD variants, along with 64MB, 256MB or 512MB flash memory. It now makes way for an even more mean gaming machine, which definitely seems geared to claim stake works in its favor, the subscription fee of US$50 negates this advantage. You can pin anything and everything to the home screen, right long run such as high levels of cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and so on. Sitting for hours before the video game consoles can increase the risk of obesity, sleep disturbances, for the Xbox 360, with more games in the pipeline. Some other games that will hit the stores soon are: Major League Baseball 2K12 Street Fighter x Tekken PS Vita Zone of the Enders Collection PS Vita Reaper Need For Speed of faithful followers, but their numbers are dwindling fast.

Submission + - Code.org Having Problems Paying "Female Student Bonus"

theodp writes: Remember Code.org's plan to pay $1,000 to teachers whose coding classes included seven or more girls, but only $750 to others? Well, over at the Code.org Forums, some teachers were having problems Friday collecting their XX bounties. In a post entitled "Female Student bonus not working", an Indiana teacher laments, "Hello everyone. I finally got to 15 finished students and at least 7 were female. I got the email, but it said that there were no prizes available! Has this happened to anyone else? My original $750 worked just fine." Hey, you have to expect a few bugs when you're learning to code, right? But not to worry. "Thanks for letting us know about this issue," replied the Code.org moderator. "This has been brought to our attention by another source as well, and we're currently working on fixing it. Your prize should be available soon." It can't come soon enough for one teacher who writes, "We are really hoping to win the 1000 dollars to help our effort. If we get the money within the next seven days it will be doubled by Disney. When will we know if we won." Data entry problems apparently caused a payment glitch for another teacher, who reported that her Females $250 email never arrived. "I received the email and prize code for Donors Choose $750 which was great...but then I had 7 females complete all 27 Trophies, but no email." Hey, garbage-in-no-$250-email-out, the moderator initially informed the teacher, but later came up with a kludge to work around the problem. By the way, how consistent is a $250 gender-based bonus with Code.org's Professional Development, which requires CS teachers to "explore and experience equity"?

Submission + - Defending the power grid against attacks with game theory (westpoint.edu)

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at West Point have created a new algorithm to help prevent an attacker from initiating a cascade of failures in a power grid using game theory. Unfortunately, the bad news is that it seems to be relatively easy for an attacker to cause such a catastrophe — as it seems such a cascade can be started by taking only a few substations offline (similar to the 2003 failure in the eastern U.S.). However, they show an approach that can limit the extent of the blackout.

Submission + - Mozilla is mapping cell towers and WiFi access points (mozilla.com)

neiras writes: Mozilla is building a map of publicly-observable cell tower and WiFi access points to compete with proprietary geolocation services like Google's. Coverage is a bit thin so far but is improving rapidly.

Anyone with an Android phone can help by downloading the MozStumbler app and letting it run while walking or driving around. The application is also available on the F-Droid market.

Submission + - Actually, It's Google That's Eating the World (xconomy.com)

waderoush writes: An Xconomy column today suggests that Google is getting too big. When the company was younger, most of its acquisitions related to its core businesses of search, advertising, network infrastructure, and communications. More recently, it’s been colonizing areas with a less obvious connection to search, such as travel, social networking, productivity, logistics, energy, robotics, and — with the acquisition this week of Nest Labs — home sensor networks and automation. A Google acquisition can obviously mean a big payoff for startup founders and their investors, but as the company grows by accretion it may actually be slowing innovation in Silicon Valley (since teams inside the Googleplex, with its endless fountain of AdWords revenue, can stop worrying about making money or meeting market needs). And by infiltrating so many corners of consumers’ lives — and collecting personal and behavioral data as it goes — it’s becoming an all-encompassing presence, and making itself ever more attractive as a target for marketers, data thieves, and government snoops. ‘Any sufficiently advanced search, communications, and sensing infrastructure is indistinguishable from Big Brother,’ the column argues.

Submission + - Fedora proposal to support FreeBSD kernel and Cinnamon by default (fedoraproject.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Following the controversial changes pushed by the Red Hat backed Gnome Foundation and the systemd project on Fedora, some members of the community decided to rebel against it by proposing 2 changes to bring back the stability and productivity to users. The first one is about using Cinnamon by default, a Gnome 3 fork aiming at providing a more productive desktop environment, based on the Gnome stack. Cinnamon is already offered by Mint, one of of the most used and popular Linux desktop distribution and is present since Fedora 17 as a option. But the 2nd proposal is much more controversial. based on the rise of Debian, Gentoo or Arch Linux port on Freebsd, a group of developers propose to port the user space of Fedora to FreeBSD, and offer FreeBSD kernel as a option, citing features like ZFS as a justification. Of course, this also bring into questions the limitation of systemd and many others tools.

Submission + - WikiLeaks Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize (eweekeurope.co.uk)

jhernik writes: The whistle blowing website Wikileaks has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian MP

A Norwegian politician has nominated the whistle blowing website WikiLeaks for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Just days before founder Julian Assange is to face an extradition hearing in London over allegations of sexual assault in Sweden, the website stands to potentially win a prize of $1.6 million (£988,000).

However WikiLeaks has to compete with around 200 other submissions, which can be made by previous winners, members of parliament (globally) as well as some academics.

It is understood that submissions for the Nobel prize closed on 1 February and the Nobel Peace Prize committee is ready to begin its deliberation before actually awarding the prize in October.

Submission + - Immigration Officer Put Wife On Terrorist List (reuters.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Exemplifying the dangers of broad 'anti-terror' legislation, a British immigration officer has been fired for gross misconduct after placing his wife on the no-fly list while she was in Pakistan visiting her family.

She remained there for three years, with her husband's actions only coming to light during an interview for a promotion in which he questioned about his wife being a suspected terrorist. It does not appear that he will face any criminal charges for his actions. Oddly, most major news outlets appear to be treating this a moderately amusing human interest story rather than a severe abuse of an innocent individual's rights.


Submission + - Researcher To Release Web-Based Android Attack (computerworld.com)

CWmike writes: A computer security researcher says he plans to release code Thursday that could be used to attack some versions of Google's Android phones over the Internet. The attack targets the browser in older, Android 2.1-and-earlier versions of the phones. It is being disclosed Thursday at the HouSecCon conference by M.J. Keith, a security researcher with Alert Logic. Keith says he has written code that allows him to run a simple command line shell in Android (video) when the victim visits a website that contains his attack code. The bug used in Keith's attack lies in the WebKit browser engine used by Android. Google said it knows about the vulnerability. 'We're aware of an issue in WebKit that could potentially impact only old versions of the Android browser,' Google spokesman Jay Nancarrow confirmed in an e-mail. 'The issue does not affect Android 2.2 or later versions.' Version 2.2 runs on 36.2 percent of Android phones, Google says

Submission + - MEP wants to eliminate anonymity on the internet (google.com)

m94mni writes: The European Parliament wants to monitor your internet searches for child porn offenders, as previously reported (http://tech.slashdot.org/story/10/06/02/2317241/EU-To-Monitor-All-Internet-Searches). The declaration was adopted yesterday, and in an interview with the Swedish news outlet Europaportalen.se the Italian MEP Tiziano Motti behind declaration shares his views on internet and anonymity. In essence, Motti wants to completely eliminate anonymity on the internet. "Each upload of text, images or video clips must be tracable by the authorities", says Motti. This is in line with the secretive UN intitiative Q6/17, revealed two years ago (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-10040152-38.html). Is the decisive fight for anonymity on the internet coming closer?

Submission + - Mandriva fighting against fate (olivier-mejean.fr)

An anonymous reader writes: The vice president of Mandriva NPO wrote an interesting blogpost about the difficulties Mandriva is facing to guarantee its future. The head of the company and the employees seems to be figthing : http://olivier-mejean.fr/WordPress/?p=87

"These last days, the projects have emerged and tensions were very high among employees of Mandriva.

The ghost of a foundation is back on center stage with Wallix (with apparently participation of François Bancilhon and Stanislas Bois in a way that I do not know yet), but if this project was presented to Mandriva, nothing has been done towards the community and again, Arnaud Laprévote did not want to say anything. However, this project seemed very badly put together, including that little should be done regarding social part and business part does not show any modification. Employees reactions have been very mixed (it is a euphemism ).

IEurope also came back to the front of the stage, offering to surrender nearly one and half million euros, but before declaration of insolvency (thus cutting off the foot for a possible takeover) with support rather unexpected of Occam Capital! But again, my little finger told me that the employees were quite reluctant to accept this solution that does not seem to maintain at least the medium term interests of the group’s employees adequately, and the philosophy of Mandriva Linux."

Confidences I have had, these projects did not inspire much confidence.

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