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Submission + - Weboob project release version 0.h, looking to change his icons over controversy (

An anonymous reader writes: Weboob project, for ( WEB Out Of Browser ) is a set of python modules and command line utilities to scrape data from websites and provides them in a structured form to the user. For example, one could use it integrate a graphing application and a bank, providing graphs for the money on accounts, or use it to convert messages of forums to email or RSS. By providing a common modular framework, this permit a strong re-usability of the tools and higher level interface. The project have been growing steadily since a few years, featuring several modules and tools like Cookboob to search and download cooking recipes, Parceloob for parcel tracking, etc, etc. A new version was release last week sporting some new features.

However, following the announce of the new version on french linux news website over friday, several controversies erupted around the name, the past use of pornographic material on the website and the childish and vulgar look of some icons, and the numerous sexual innuendos that can be found in the command line tools such as Boobmsg, FlatBoob, Boobsize.

And as one of the aftermath of the lengthy discussion spanning over several medias, one of the main coder of the project announced on his blog that some changes have became a priority, and that he was looking for help to redo the current set of icons, probably since their unsuitability have became a liability for the growth of the project.

Is this yet another sign of political correctness taking over the web and free software, or should the project should stay frimly on his ground and keep their edginess stand ?

Submission + - Android vulnerability allows interception of VPN data, researchers claim (

hypnosec writes: Security researchers over at the Ben Gurion University (BGU), Israel claim to have discovered a vulnerability in Android that allows for interception of encrypted data travelling over a VPN in plain text. The researchers note that the vulnerability allows a malicious app to "bypass active VPN configuration" without requiring any ROOT permissions. The vulnerability, if exploited, allows for capture of data in clear text thereby leaving the information completely exposed. The researchers claim that they have tested multiple smartphones from different vendors before posting their claims. They have reported the vulnerability to Google and are awaiting the Android maker’s verdict on this.

Submission + - Internet groups to stream live IPv4/6 announcement (

revealingheart writes: On Thursday, 3 February 2011, at 9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) [14:30 UTC/GMT], the Number Resource Organization (NRO), along with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the Internet Society (ISOC) and the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) will be holding a ceremony and press conference to make a significant announcement and to discuss the global transition to the next generation of Internet addresses. We invite all interested community members to view the webcast of this event.

Submission + - InnoDB Dropped From Oracle MySQL Classic Edition ( 2

dkd903 writes: In a move to make MySQL more profitable, Oracle has dropped support for InnoDB storage engine from the MySQL Classic edition which is available for free. So this free version of MySQL – the classic edition is left with only one storage engine, that is MyISAM. InnoDB Storage engine will be available only from MySQL Standard edition and above which starts at US$2000.

Submission + - Mail Police dies, takes mail with it (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that the RHS RBL service is down. Looks like they failed to, or simply didn't, renew their DNS records and are now off the air. In the process they are causing a lot of valid mail to fail due to false positives. Ouch.

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