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Submission + - Android Users Aren't As Disloyal As Reported (

ergo98 writes: As reported here, a recent CNN article had that statement that "77% of iPhone owners say they'll buy another iPhone, compared to 20% of Android customers who say they'll buy another Android phone." This was a gross misrepresentation. The CNN story now says that "77% of iPhone owners say they'll buy another iPhone, compared to 20% of smartphone customers who say they'll buy an Android phone." The Yankee Group has further sought to clarify the situation by saying that the 20% are people who explicitly said they would buy a "Google-branded" phone (which excludes the overwhelming majority of popular Android phones). Skeptics, pat yourself on the back.

Submission + - Do SSDs change the NoSQL equation?

An anonymous reader writes: An interesting analysis of a Digg-inspired dataset discusses Digg's recent optimization strategies, noting how their changes make it more difficult for them to take advantage of even larger returns offered by recent storage advances: Namely that their massive denormalization and data duplication solution makes SSD usage much more prohibitive, especially in a scaled-out scenario.

Do SSDs change the rules of the game? Is heavy normalization and data deduplication once again the ideal choice? Is a focus on minimizing dataset sizes the best choice given the evolving hardware ecosystem?

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