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Theora Development Continues Apace, VP8 Now Open Source 312

SergeyKurdakov writes "Monty 'xiphmont' Montgomery of the Xiph Foundation says the latest action-packed, graph- and demo-clip-stuffed Theora project update page (demo 9) is now up for all and sundry! Catch up on what's gone into the new Theora encoder Ptalarbvorm over the last few months. It also instructs how to pronounce 'Ptalarbvorm.' Ptalarbvorm is not a finished release encoder yet, though I've personally been using it in production for a few months. Pace on improvements hasn't slowed down — the subjective psychovisual work being done by Tim Terriberry and Greg Maxwell has at least doubled-again on the improvements made by Thusnelda, and they're not anywhere near done yet. As a bonus Monty gathered all Xiph demo pages in one place." Also on the video codec front, and also with a Xiph connection, atamido writes "Google has released On2's VP8 video codec to the world, royalty-free. It is packaging it with Vorbis audio, in a subset of the Matroska container, and calling it WebM. It's not branded as an exclusively Google project — Mozilla and Opera are also contributors. Builds of your favorite browsers with full support are available." An anonymous reader points out this technical analysis of VP8.

Comment Re:This has been happening to me for months (Score 1) 262

I vote it's your graphics card.

I recently built a brand new system, AMD Phenom II 965, Asus Mobo, ocz SSD, ATI Radeon HD 5670 blah blah. I went through the same stuff you are.. double/triple hardware combinations and drivers are up-to-date. I ran all kinds of memory tests, CPU tests, 3d benchmarks, you name it. But some games would cause an instant crash.. or it would reboot randomly while watching a movie. Heat wasn't the issue, that was my first guess for random failure. Spending 2-3 days on each hardware part, I ended up finding people with similar problems as me with the Radeon HD 5670. Turns out the new driver is fail and you have to use an older one. I ended finding a re-pack of sorts from ATI specifically for my card. Completely fixed.

PS: The only difference is i'm not running A/V.. i prefer a little nudity. But i do use sandboxie to run a lot of apps in. Including Firefox.

Comment Re:Certainly not light (Score 1) 646

Opera had sidebar since...a long, long time; one if its defining features (might be different than what you're used to of course). Likewise synchronization, working for a bit more than just bookmarks; and across all Opera browsers (also Mobile; or Mini, the one for j2me phones) plus accessible via webpage. It has also integrated dev tools.

Color tabs - no (afaik... ;) ). However, it has few nice ways of dealing with large number of tabs that you should know of. Tab bar can work basically spatially after one change in prefs; there's "Window" menu (off by default in recent builds, but can be enabled in prefs / works just as well as ever) which lists all open tabs without the need for scrolling the menu if there's too many of them (it's a nested menu); a treeview of all open tabs in sidebar...with search; and "hold down right mouse button and move scrollwheel", that's sort of an overlay list presenting tabs in the sequence depending on "last viewed", quite useful.

The Courts

Submission + - FTC takes out porn- and botnet-spewing ISP (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: The Federal Trade Commission today got a judge to effectively kill off the Internet Service Provider 3FN who the agency said specialized in spam, porn, botnets, phishing and all manner of malicious Web content. The ISP’s computer servers and other assets have been seized and will be sold by a court and the operation has been ordered give back $1.08 million to the FTC.

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