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Journal enigma48's Journal: Quick! Talk me out of walking up the CN Tower! 3

I haven't done anything requiring 'sponsoring' for about 10 years now but I think this will be pretty cool.

The World Wildlife Foundation does a yearly "Climb the CN Tower" event and some friends of mine encouraged me to join. I have to admit, I joined for a very selfish reason - how many people can say they climbed the CN Tower? 1,776 steps.

The interesting part is I'm not in shape even slightly - unless you consider round a shape (yeah, ha ha, I know.. I'm here all week folks). Thankfully, there will be many paramedics on site.

Onto the whoring: The biggest thing I dislike about sponsoring online is the trouble. This event has an incredibly simple process - click below and fill in the payment details (Mastercard / Visa / Amex required).


I'm going to bring a digital camera with me and get some snapshots of the Toronto skyline - will post them ASAP after the event.

If I get even one ./ sponsorship, I'll be ecstatic.

1 cent per step gets close to $20.00CAD but ANY amount is greatly appreciated.

Have a great week everyone!

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Quick! Talk me out of walking up the CN Tower!

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  • and can i send a check to an agency or something? I'm not creditworthy enough to do it that way.

    • In 36 hours, give or take ;). In my defense, I was only told about this a few days ago!

      As far as I know, there are only two main ways to donate - online server or offline sponsorship forms (I collect the money and give it to them at the event). I'll ask my more knowledgeable friends (and check out WWFs site a little more) but it doesn't sound like they have the resources in place to directly accept non-credit card donations (this event anyway).

      If you're comfortable sending a small amount to me via mail,

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